Date: 21st August 2006 at 7:36pm
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Randy Lerner will look at increasing the capacity of Villa Park if his takeover of Aston Villa is completed.

However he also knows that the current seats will have to be filled first – something that shouldn’t take long with Martin O’Neill and some money behind him!

Keith Harris, one of RAL’s advisors said: ‘There’s planning permission to increase Villa Park to 50,000, but last season the club struggled to fill the 42,0000 capacity they already have. It’s a grand stadium but it’s not quite in keeping with some of the other new innovations in football ground design. That’s not to say that it’s not a good stadium in its own right. There’s no point in looking too far forward. Randy doesn’t own it yet but when he does there’ll be some changes to stadium design which will hopefully be fan-supportive and fan-friendly.’

And following wild claims that Randy would look to move Villa Park or even merge with rival teams, Harris says ‘But no, he isn’t going to move the stadium. It’s not an accident that so many FA Cup semi-finals have been played there over the years. That says it all.’

Shareholders will also have been able to see assurances in the offer document that they aren’t looking to move Villa Park, just develop it.


21 Replies to “Villa – Higher, Higher, Higher!”

  • Keith Harris, isn’t he that guy that walks around with his hand up that fluffy green duck’s bottom?

  • “Randy doesn’t own it yet but when he does”

    Thats the best bit about that article! I couldnt give a ***** what he does to the north stand, its the worst part of the ground.

  • please please please, lets fill villa park on wednesday night to show these peple what this great club means to the supporters and to offer a noisy welcome to mon and randy who will almost certainly see some tv clips of the game from the u.s.
    are all tho

  • I am not a Villa fan but I do know a little bit about football. If Villa become a top 4 club even 50,000 will be too small. There is an IF in that statement though…..

  • greyhound, yes you did put an “if” in that sentance, It would have been more accurate if you had used the words “IN THE NEAR FUTURE WHEN” UP THE VILLA

  • Jason, I’ll be there on Wed night having been disallusioned of late. Used to be a season ticket holder but couldn’t bear to warch DOL brand of footy. Hope the atmosphere rocks and the players respond.

  • Wednesday night’s MON & Randy love-in will be awesome! I’ll be there, waving my stars n stripes Balti Pie in the Witton Lane stand. The O’Neill inspired brand of footy should be good too!

  • I’ll be back on Wednesday too. Season ticketholder for many years until the last two. Three of us coming down from North Wales. Got fed up with the negative attitude of recent years. Bring back the good old times.

  • And lets hope all the “Im not setting foot till Ellis has gone” lot including my bro start coming again, i did miss a few home games last season but o’dreary style of football and spin began to cereasly bug me.

  • Love the new photo montage at the top, the other one was looking really tired and decrepid, a sign of things to come?

  • We definitely need to start pulling in bigger attendances, there’s no doubt about that. Anything less than 38,000 on Wednesday evening will I think be a major disappointment, and will put serious question marks as to whether we are still capable of fillin

  • I am one of those who vowed never to set foot in Villa Park again until Herbert was gone. Buuuuuuutttttttt. Well, he’s practically gone, isn’t he? So Wednesday night it is.

  • I hate all this talk. It stinks of bull to me. I criticised Padfield for it too. Lets start filling VP week in, week out before we start expanding the stadium.

  • i’m so gutted i’m unable to come to the game on wednesday but i’ve got my tickets here next to me here for newcastle game and i shall be seeing more home games this season than i have in the last 3 thats for sure.

  • on the photo montage….can we get a better pick of o’Neil as he looks a bit scary on that one – a bit like the child catcher out of that film.

    Can we get some players before ground extension please Mr Lerner. We need to get a full ground with good at

  • Gordonsleftboot, where about in North Wales are you? we have a small contingent of Villans where we are, (Caernarfon area), if your interested in cost sharing for the travelling get in touch.

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