Date: 8th May 2008 at 2:52pm
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Martin O’Neill has confirmed that he is considering making a £20 million bid for Lionel Messi – but he can’t guarantee Barcelona wouldn’t laugh.

Speaking to journalists to break the news at a news conference that never happened, O’Neill said after some cropping and rejigging of the sentance:

‘As we speak we are a million miles away, offering £20m for Lionel Messi.’

So there we have it, Villa are after Lionel Messi and although the initial £20 million bid leaves us miles away, as we all know, when at distance the longer you go the closer you get.

Or something like that anyway.

In other news Benitez wants £15 million for Crouch, so it shows £20 million is more than fair for Messi, given the fact Liverpool think Barry is worth only £10 million.

You assume the extra £5 million is for the height difference between Barry and Crouch.