Date: 19th May 2006 at 10:35am
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Doug Ellis has said that he wants the supporters to work with him but how can we after he has treated us with disdain and kept us all at arms length for as many years as I can remember?

He also states that ‘Everything is determined by what happens on the pitch’ but fails to see that everything that happens on the pitch is reflected by what the board of directors do OFF it.

I’m sorry Doug, after the last 22 years (or as you say 37 in total) we should not be in transition or moving in the right direction, we should have arrived. For the three years you weren’t involved we did arrive, on your return we once again departed.

Graham Taylor said last week that the chairman should look at himself and question whether all the players and managers can really be ‘that bad’? Instead he tells us that he does six hours a day at Villa Park. Doing what exactly he doesn’t state! In his frail health and diminishing mental capacity the board of directors or shareholders should make the decision that he so obviously can’t himself and force him to retire. If not the board are in dereliction of their duty to safeguard the PLC. After-all, his reasons for staying are purely selfish after claiming :

‘I stay here because I love Aston Villa. It is me. It is my baby. It is 37 years since I first took the chair. I had three years out (1979-82) and hated it. I didn’t miss a match while I was out.’

Well he missed the European Cup final for one, so that isn’t totally true is it Doug? I can’t think of any other Villa fans who weren’t at Rotterdam or glued to their seats at home watching the game. What he has failed to realise is the club IS NOT HIM, IT IS NOT HIS BABY, the club belongs to the fans, pure and simple. As one of the banners said at the Sunderland game, the club was here before him and will be here after him.

The trouble is no matter how much he states the club is for sale, if his valuation remains unrealistic, it will never sell. Rothschild’s are financial experts but not even they appear to have been able to attract investors for the large sums Doug is talking about, not to mention the added conditions he requires. If he wants guaranteed funds for the team, why has he never guaranteed the same? Why doesn’t he sell at a reasonable price and leave a legacy? Why not finance the team rebuilding by selling some of his shares? Mr Aston Villa surely would?

So Mr Ellis, despite your pleas for the fans to renew their season tickets, why don’t you answer the question posed by the Trust and convince us WHY we should instead of simply playing on our loyalties? It is obvious the fans are voting with their feet and that is down to your lack of ability to drive this club forward. You ‘forcast’ a massive difference next season but have no facts to back that up, especially as the manager (who in fairness has done himself no favours this season either with his comments aimed at the fans) is being forced to sell before he can buy. What sort of policy is that to build on an already paper thin squad? How can we expect to keep our quality players let alone attract more to come to Villa Park? And how can that policy help bring back the crowds?

You also say ‘But it is all about what happens on the pitch on a Saturday afternoon. Therefore we have to get it right.’

Doug, for the love of the mighty claret and blue, can you not see that after 37 years and 13 managers, if you haven’t got it right by now you never will?

Stand aside, you don’t even have to sell your shares to bring in a new and capable board of directors, just go before we end up in the Championship. No more empty promises of £20million funds, of golden era’s, of more managers or the Champions League, or whatever else you will try to kid us with next. Just give your ego a rest and retire. It isn’t easy to let go, but it is inevitable that one day you will have to and that day is NOW. If you don’t go, I fear next season could get very ugly indeed.


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  • Didnt miss a match eh! what about when he was at Derby & Wolves.Anyone see him at a game?
    He also said Villa was his first role in football….what about your years as a director of Blues Doug!


  • Yes but they dont really work. Once Ellis sees next seasons attendence figures he will realize how much the fans hate him.

  • Agree that the board of directors should be putting pressure on the old boy to step down, but seemingly no one has the spherical objects to speak out against him. They presumably are all looking after number one, not keen on putting their yearly healthy b

  • In the years that Herbert has been involved with the Villa I estimate that he has had, at least, £10m out of the club in director’s fees and dividends. That’s £10m out of your pocket and mine. Why do you think he would now change the habit of a lifetime a

  • I will celebrate big style when he dies ! Sound harsh you say ? well I couldnt give a monkeys. He makes my Saturday afternoons glum/boring/depressing/annoying/upsetting. Open your eyes you stupid old retarded buffoon ! You are killing this club.

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