Date: 5th November 2006 at 6:00pm
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Martin O’Neill declared after the 2-0 canter against a disappointing Blackburn Rovers: ‘We got the job done.’

A penalty from Gareth Barry and a goal Juan Pablo Angel in front of a disappointing 30 000 crowd saw Villa win with ease against Mark Hughes hit and hope team.

O’Neill reflected: ‘We got the job done today and that’s all that mattered. It was nice to get back to winning ways, because we hadn’t won in the league for a little while. It wasn’t a classic and we’ll certainly play better, but I don’t think anyone can say we didn’t deserve the three points. I’ve not seen the penalty decision again, but I was delighted for Gareth to put it away.’

‘Getting the penalty was one thing, but after recent events, there was no guarantee we’d score it. The second goal came at a good time and just settled things down for us. Juan Pablo did well.’

Adding, on the official site: ‘I thought Chris again showed what he can bring to the team. He was a little sore at the end, but he worked very hard for the cause. Martin Laursen was given the sponsors’ Man of the Match award and he did very well. He stepped in at the last minute and once again he didn’t let us down.’


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  • Blackburn were poor today for sure but the tag they are labeled with is an unfair one and one that people wouldn’t have if they watched Rovers play more, rather than just go on a reputation of years gone by. We are more than just a “hit and hope” side!

  • today was awful so to be fair that is all I can judge them by, they were over physical, wanted our players shirts more than some of our players wanted as they kept trying to tug them off and didn’t seem to be able to pass the ball about. Good on you for

  • I’m sure we’re all disapointed with a 30,000 crowd, but it will take a while to get every one back in the mould, a few good signings from mon should see the fans return. And the players are doing there part {well done lads} so lets be patient and I’m sur

  • will Barry get the call up he deserves for the friendly in Holland? if he doesn’t get in this squad he never will.

  • Laursen was excellent. A very soft penalty, it has to be said. Thought Sutton would have to be stretchered off at the end, he was so knackered! Poor crowd, probably because of the switch to Sunday. But all in all, three good points. Bring on Chelski!

  • From what I’ve heard we were poor and I’m disappointed that we played such a poor game, hoofing it forward so much. Sure we are a physical side but we do also play football… most the time. Good luck to Villa, you’ll be a top six club this season, we’ll

  • 30,000 disgusting! where are the fans? there are people who are going to read this who were not at the match, WHY NOT, obviously I am not counting those with A REAL REASON so please no lists of excuses why you couldn’t make it, if you realy couldn’t, fine

  • I am with you steff. With regards to the game, we were streets ahead of a very poor Rovers team. The penalty was debatable, and in truth Rovers had a better claim for a spot kick from the Petrov handball. However Mark Hughes will use this as an excuse to

  • Played well within ourselves in achieving an extremely comfortable victory. Arguably our easiest game at Villa Park this season. Some very good individual performances, a solid team effort. Three very welcome points.

  • voth the way it usualy pans out is this, we play well the results start coming in there is more and more talk in the media about the Villa, and low and behold suddenly Villa Park starts to fill up again, with all these fans who have been life long support

  • steff that is the logic. However we have all the media hype, the results are better than expected and all our Christmas’ seem to have come at once, but crowds are getting smaller???? I give up on it. I will just blame the stayaways if we do not grab this

  • there have been many false dawns at VP so I suppose people are hanging back and waiting to see what will happen. the lack of what some people would see as world class players is another problem, but these people are missing out on some wonderful class pla

  • Thought Rovers were poor, but we still had to take the game by the scruff of the neck. Three good points.

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