Date: 17th June 2007 at 5:21pm
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Thomas Sorensen has denied he is being forced out of Villa Park following reports that Martin O’Neill is after Bolton’s keeper Jussi Jaaskelainen.

He told ‘There is actually not much news in that, because Villa have been linked with lots of players. I know I am good enough to be the first choice at the club and don’t care about the rumours in the English media. I believe I will be playing for Aston Villa next season too. I feel myself that I played well last season.’

‘Therefore, I don’t believe that Martin O’Neill wants to offload. Rather, I believe O’Neill is looking for a back-up.’

Too right, why would we need to be getting rid of him? He is an international keeper, we need to add to the squad and keep players in EVERY position on their toes, by letting the likes of Sorensen go, we’d not be doing that now would we?! The Danish international has just one year left on his contract though, I guess a new deal will be offered, even if only to save him being able to leave on a free next year.


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  • To be honest I don’t think he has the qualities we’re looking for in the new Villa era, he’s a good shot stopper no doubt, but I think that’s as far as it goes, we need someone who can command his box and the defence, we can do without his flapping, something that’s been evident over the last 2 seasons, we need composure, we need someone who has no lapses of concentration over 90 mins, I have to admit there’s been times when I’ve had to put my head in my hands to save myself from the mayhem ensuing in our box. I said on this site some 3months ago that we should be looking at Jaaskelainen, a great keeper in every way, he would get us 14-18 extra points a season I’m sure, I was born in Bolton and lived there some 30 yrs before moving away, and I still watch what Bolton are doing, mostly to take the ***** out of the family when we beat them! so have seen quite a bit of this guy and he is quality, if thomas wants to stay to fight for his position that would be great for Villa, but somehow I doubt it!

  • Every year at Villa Park Jaaskelainen is Man of match,yet last season he made his fair share of mistakes aswell which was unlike him but i think he and Tommy going head to head would be fantastic.

  • Sorensen is a good keeper, not a great one, I’d agree with a lot of what you say Eltoro. However we do need strength in depth, would be a shame to see him be able to walk away on a free. There aren’t that many better than him in the Prem I don’t think, certainly a few and then a bunch as good as perhaps. I think he is a bit underatted. Where he falls down is he isn’t a commanding goalkeeper though.

  • I am most probably mistaken on this but wasn’t eltoro the one that said he is 15???

  • I agree JP, would be great if we could have both, I will kneel at the side of the bed tonight and have a word with the big guy upstairs, see what he can do!

  • I actually believe other areas of the team are of a higher priority – ie one or two play makers in midfield and a right back/left back – left mid and extra striker option.

  • No probs OAL. I have to disagree MYLEFTFOOT m8, I don’t want a Newcastle situation happening at the Villa – scoring four, letting in five! I think if we start off with a very very strong backbone, and unfortunately at the moment we haven’t got that, and that starts off with the goalkeeper. I’m not saying anything bad about Sorenson as he is a great shot-stopper, but he isn’t the safety net that a top club needs. e.g Cech, and of course Jaaskelainen at Bolton. So I believe a great keeper is as high on the list as a great striker. If we can get both, we’re laughing!

  • eltoro – a bakbone needs a great centre half – Melberg to be replaced/relegated to backup or Laursen? To me Laursen is quality, providing he stays fit. I have always thought that there doesn’t seem to be any communication coming from Melberg, correct if I’m wrong, but when Laursen came back into the side we were more solid in defence. This said, It doesn’t follow that Cahill was the weak link, it just emphasises how good Laursen is. Mayhap Cahill may become the regular centre hlf and Melberg becomes the reserve anyone? As far as a striker goes, we need backup for Carew because it seems that he may be a bit injury prone himself. I think Moore,Gabby and Maloney are good enough to compete for the inside forward role. What kind of forward? Smith or Nugent would do nicely thank you very much. I can’t believe that we wouldn’t invest 6 or 7 mill on Nugent. Barry/Petrov/Gardner and Young in midfield. Possibly replace Petrov with a play maker in the Merson mould. Jaaskilnan??? in goals and there is your strong backbone. Now to the fullbacks.

  • well myleftfoot, seems to me we need to get spending some of randys cash, I can’t wait to discuss actual bought players m8! instead of all this wondering who we might get, can you imagine the excitement, I think I’m getting in touch with my feminine side with all this excitement, oh my goddd!

  • his kicking is crap, flaps, and isnt commanding enough in the six yard box. we all see it, he wont be at vp this time next year.

  • Sorenson seems to provoke a fair bit of debate. As said before, he is as good as most keepers in the Premier League, possibly with the exception of Cech, Given, Lehman and surprisingly to some, David James. I think people get confused on what constitutes a good keeper and some deluded fans think that every time a ball comes in the box the keeper should claim it. As for suggesting jaskalainen would get us 14 – 18, that is obviously ridiculous. I would suggest that supporters look at every goal we conceeded last year and see how many points Sorenson cost us. I will save you the trouble ………. none. He made a terrible mistake against ‘Boro but it didn’t cost us. Some blamed him for the goal at home to Wigan, where he was blatantly fouled. He maybe could of done better with one of the goals against Newcastle. He has done brilliant to survive the errors against the Dildo Salesmen from Somali Heath a few years ago. I would agree that he should be more commanding but he saved us on many occasions last season, Watford away, Liverpool aand West Ham at home are great examples. These were games in which he had little to do but then made outstanding saves when called upon. We need a right back and attacking options before we need a new keeper. Don’t get me wrong, if we can replace him with a better keeper then great, but lets not start slagging, what is a good premiership keeper. Keepers are vulnerable in that when their own fans pressure them, it actually leads to them making mistakes. Lets make sure that we are not the type of fans that can cause that to happen and leave the decision making to M’ON.

  • Sorensen is a first rate keeper but has been Villa’s no.1 for so long he tends to get a bit complacent. MON is looking at strength in depth and Jussi from the Trotters would offer top quality experience and competition.

  • VOICEOFTHEHOLTE, if you think that Sorenson was not to blame for any goals let in last season, then it’s you who’s deluded. We’re not on about simple shot-stopping, we’re on about simple goals being conceded due to lack of leadership from the goalkeeper. Now you watch all the goals from last season, and if you don’t think that Jasskelainen will save us 14-18 points per season, that’s your opinion. How many points do you think Peter Cech saved Chelsea last year? If we’d have had a more commanding goalkeeper, we would perhaps have won half the games that we drew, and we could have been up there with Arsenal. Instead of drawing the 17, if we’d only drew 9, that would have been an extra sixteen points. Now we’ll never know if Jasskelainen will get us those extra points unless we sign him. We’re not deluded, we don’t expect the keeper to get every ball that comes over, but the flapping that Sorenson’s done of late is not good enough, full stop. Time to put the VCR on, methinks!

  • eltoro, I have beat you to the ‘goals review’. I think you will find your self very surprised. I think though the best goals against review is Spuds. And to think that the previous manager (can’t remember his name) tried to get Dropinson to VP. It makes me shudder and grateful that we got Sorenson.

  • Sorenson was on fire at the start of the season, until he got injured. Remember Chelsea away? Definitely 1 point won!

  • He makes me cringe every time the ball goes near him. I agree with some of VOTH comments but i think a better goalkeeper is a priority.

  • yep me 2 macka,i ***** myself every time he gets a pass back back 2 him,his kicking is nowhere near good enough and does not command his area anywhere near enough.i agree he is a good goalkeeper but not a great one and thats what we need.jussi could be just that,for some reason i keep remembering the save he brought off from cahill last year(picked it out of the top corner and i promptly smashed my phone when it jumped out of my pocket!).although he will be forgiven if he joins,rate him one of top 3 gk’s in prem just behind cech and given i reckon.UTV

  • well voiceoftheholte, I’m 100% behind you m8 on the dropinson at Villa park, I still have no idea why he’s Englands no1

  • Like I said b4 – its all about priorities – Fullback – Creative midfielder or 2, Striker (competition for Carew) then look at competition for the keepers spot. We have 4 centrehalfs already – wouldn’t mind seeing us adopt a sweeper but that maybe a bit too continental for MON. The priority for us as supporters is just sign someone to keep us going.

  • priority is the keeper, he commands the defence and helps them out, sorensen does not do this

  • i really like mr sorensen i think hes so great. Hes so big and powerfull and to say he doesnt command his box is ridiculous

  • I believe that Sorensen is still amongst the best custodians that the premiership has to offer, and that he shouldn’t be discarded lightly. Prone to the occasional error admittedly, but then again, who isn’t? While I have serious reservations about Stuart Taylor’s ability to perform regularly at the premiership level, and would welcome a quality back up keeper to provide Tommy with competition, I remain convinced that there are very few keepers out there, and most of them not available, better than Tommy S.

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