Date: 10th March 2006 at 1:57pm
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Villa legend Dennis Mortimer has agreed to answer a few questions from Vital Villa readers. Questions can be suggested via the comments box below this article or in the forum. The best ones will be sent to our famous former captain to answer.

As an incentive, I’ll throw in a fabulous picture of Dennis Mortimer (and try to get it signed) for the poster with the best question.

I will try to get other Lions to answer questions in the future if I can get some contact details! (Contact me via

Thanks to all those contributors and readers who are making this site such a success.


19 Replies to “Villa Legend Interview”

  • Do you think our current manager is doing a good job or do you think we have the right to expect more from him?

  • Does the club’s apparant lack of ambition (ie. the board and director) make you as upset and as angry as the fans? Also, do you believe that villa park will once have the atmosphere it used to have when the old one is gone?

  • Hi Dennis thanks for the memories.
    After we lost at home to Ipswich i got home feeling a bit down switched on the tele and there was Ron Saunders being interviewed by( i think from memory) Gary Newbon.Anyway the interviewer said “Ipswich are the favour

  • How much of a disappointment was it that you never got any full England caps. Do you believe in an era of limited television coverage that fact hindered you?

  • Hi Dennis – what would be your personal choice when we get to rename the Witton Lane Stand?

  • Dennis – many, many thanks for your great contribution to the Villa! What do you think is causing the present team to be playing with (what seems to me) so little teamwork, method and penetration?

  • Dennis, Do you feel that the team that you led ever really got the plaudits that it deserved outside of Birmingham, and would that team have been able to dominate for a longer period had there been no upheavel and perhaps more investment and ambition. (So

  • Dennis, you have gone on record, some years ago, that there were investors ready to come in and take on AV, where are they now, since it is now up for sale?

  • Hi dennis do you think the club will be took over before the end of the season,or have you heard any whispers.

  • Hi there Dennis, i think you may have already had enough questions on how poor the villa are these days, but what i want to know is, you were my boyhood hero, i was always dennis mortimer when we played on the park (i got some strange looks from my mates

  • because i’m greedy i have 2 questions

    has eliis ever explained to your face why he denies the most important team in recent history any recognition.
    in todays game is it possible without an Abromovich for Villa ever to gain something of their former g

  • Dennis, what was Ron Saunders really like? He was portrayed as a hard task master, who ruled with an iron fist. Humourless, rude and abrupt. Is that how the players saw him? It always appeared that you particularly had a good relationship with him, but ot

  • Dennis when you was presented the European Cup. You looked annoyed because the man giving it to you raised it above his head first. This seemed to prevent you from raising the trophy aloft yourself. Did you feel like giving him a mouthful, or is it just m

  • Dennis, the most entertaining/exciting Villa team that it has been my pleasure to witness to date, was the 76/77 side, a team that looked on the verge of greatness. If I remember correctly we finished 4th that season, with some truly memorable results and

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