Date: 27th June 2007 at 3:43pm
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Aston Villa boss Martin O`Neill has lined up a £5million move for local rivals` Welsh international Jason Koumas.

Koumas has been watched numerous times by both O`Neill and Aston Villa chief scout Ian Storey-Moore during the season just gone, and it now appears that the Villa management are ready to make a move.

It is believed that O`Neill is prepared to let at least one, possibly two, of the Villa academy graduates make the short trip across town on loan as part of the deal with both Isaiah Osbourne, and local derby goal scoring hero Gary Cahill mentioned as potential West Brom targets.


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  • So then chaps we are now 6 weeks away from the big kick off & Villa have signed erm,erm,erm…….??The ludicrous claim that you are going to challenge the top 4 (being hugely disrespectful to Tottenham,Everton in the process) seems fantasy for a team that won just a single more game than Sheffield Utd & who couldnt even muster a top half finish.Seems you are closer to bottom 4 than top 4,unlike certain others that is.

  • Who let this clown make a Vital Villa news bulletin. No sources, no actual facts. If your just regurgitating a rumour make sure you state so, rather than stating a bid has actually been lined up.

  • Hey Chalky – come on here and leave that comment in 6 weeks time. Then, and only then, if no further action has come to pass, will every other pointless word you’ve wasted your time writing above apply.

  • Perhaps you should actually comment on the story, rather than ripping into the editor? Jebus even I just searched google for “aston villa” and got numerous sources!!!

  • Thanks for your concern chalky76, but in MON we trust.

    Martin’s only got back from his holidays this week, and there should be no rush to sign up just any old players. I don’t see the clubs that you’ve mentioned announcing numerous new signings (the only new player Spurs or Everton have brought in so far is Gareth Bale I believe), though obviously they have a few years headstart in terms of challenging the “top 4”.

    You’re certainly making huge assumptions, and more than likely setting yourself up for a fall come the start of the new season. Perhaps you should be saving your comments for when you actually have something tangible to discuss?

    Anyway, back on topic: In my opinion, Koumas would be a useful signing at £5 million and give us more options next term. He has something to prove at the top level, and assuming that Osbourne would be going on loan, it would certainly benefite his development.

  • If you look on the Vital Liverpool site they are bemoaning the lack of signings. There really haven’t been many significant signings yet. It will all kick off next week. Patience is a virtue. Oh and Chalky, Yes we won only one more game than Sheff Utd but no one outside the top 4 lost as few as we did.

  • Sheffield Utd only conceded one more goal than Spurs… great showing for Spurs who have aspirations of 4th spot.

  • Well we need players to replace the one’s already left I suspect if MON wants him he will be along soon.

  • Sending our players on loan is a superb development rather than selling them. I’d rather Davis did this than loose him, same for Ridgewell. Not Cahill yet though or it will leave us short, dependant on who may come in.

  • Not keen on hearing the talk that suggests that Gary Cahill could be sent to The Hawthorns on a season long loan deal, as a sweetener to help tie up a possible deal for Jason Koumas, although I have to say that I would very much welcome seeing the latter wearing the claret and blue next season. Gary Cahill is on course to secure a regular first team starting spot here at B6 before too long, sending him out on loan anywhere would serve no useful purpose in my opinion. Koumas, clever, intelligent footballer, who will rise to the heights when surrounded by the better quality players who would surround him at Villa Park.

  • The above comments show that you can anything with figures. I like the positive approach, such as, if we had won just a few more than we drew then we would be in europe! I certainly expect an influx of signings during the next couple of weeks as Hughes has now gone aswell, this can only mean MON has got something up his sleeve.

  • Hoss-When have we EVER been known for our defending..??We are Tottenham Hotspur after all………..We scored 102 goals last year,how many did you lot bag..??Go on,give us a giggle….!!

  • A lot of those not likely to get a game have now gone (c’mon Hendrie and Djemba twins, )the decks are clear now for the new arrivals….. I stated on here 3 weeks or so ago 7 new arrivals are imminent, maybe more…. we won’t like them all but they will come!!!

  • Since when has being ***** in defense been something to bragg about? What a plonker!!!!. I guess during the school holidays we can expect to read more juvinile comments from prats like Chalky.

  • When players come, we will know about it………a close friend at Villa Park has said that a big press conference is being arranged as I type..??? he is rarely wrong as he is involved with security at VP ……so lets be patient and ignore the knockers of our great club

  • I`ve posted on other feed that we`re in the process of replacing average/half-decent players with better one`s and not many clubs get to do that (inc Spuds) McCann for Reo-C,Angel for Carew etc

  • Might be true – might not be. One thing I am certain of – we haven’t got a clue what is going on behind the scenes – and I like it that way. Every player we get linked with then gets linked to every other dodgy club with some cash, so best we keep things quiet till they sign. …… We are going to have to get used to some of our less ambitious competitors getting a little worried. Best to ignore them, then we can gloat when we achieve what we all want – beating them all.

  • Koumas in – sounds good. Cahill & Osbourne out on loan…hope not. I’d let Osbourne go on loan, but Cahill did well last season & will be needed for cover….unless MON has got something in mind already for cover at the back.

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