Date: 13th November 2008 at 11:32am
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Is it January already? Must be as earlier in the week we were linked with Wigan’s Emile Heskey and now we are being linked with …… I do like this one…. Newcastle United’s Michael Owen.

World class striker at Villa? And then the Heskey link would also make perfect sense as Owen used to feed very nicely off Heskey’s work for England. I know there is just one big IF linked to this though, the injury record. Owen, who seems to have been around forever, is still only 28 (29 in December) and if fit is a match for any striker in the world. That is the thing though, IF fit. Is it worth the gamble? I’d pay his taxi fair down personally, but then again, I’m not the geezer who has to pay his wages…!

The Sun… hmmm …. have an article saying Villa will pay what it takes to get the England and former Liverpool and Real Madrid striker to Villa Park.

Newcastle have apparently offered him a new deal but that deal seems to have been on the table for a very long time and Owen hasn’t taken them up on it and he could walk away on a free next summer, so surely they’ll want to cash in on him in January rather than risk losing their asset for nothing at the end of the season, especially when you consider they paid around £17 million for him. Owen can’t be happy at the fact Joe Kinnear (LOL, JOE KINNEAR!!!!) has kept him on the bench since his return from injury.

The Sun claim Villa have a good chance because ‘unlike Chelsea, Man United and Arsenal, Villa could guarantee Owen a regular starting place.’

His record:

Liverpool (1996-2004) 216 appearances and 118 goals.
Real Madrid (2004-2005) 35 appearances, 13 goals.
Newcastle (2005- ) 51 appearances, 21 goals.

England – 1998 onward – 89 appearances, 40 goals.

Michael Owen’s official site:
Wikipedia entry: Click Here


30 Replies to “Villa Linked With World Class Striker”

  • very posh having your own official site eh?!?! Would LOVE to see us get him, it is a big risk but if it paid off, he could get us top four.

  • Villa could possibly be the single best place for Owen to come to. BMH seems to have a great ability for getting players fit and keeping them there. If needed he could have his own training regime to nurse and strengthen any injury issue he may have a la Laursen, and as said I think he’d be more likely to play here than elsewhere. He’s English. He could show Gabby a thing or 10. I’d love to see it happen. Likelyhood rating though…Poor to Very Low in my opinion.

  • I’d love it, but not only is this in the Sun, its probably your doing Fear. You’ve written “Owen for Villa” or words to that effect a few times on here and all it would take is one lazy journo to pop on here and think oh ye, I’ll have a bit of that. Still, talk of getting Owen is closer to the real thing than no talk and who knows, maybe MONs thinking the same thing as you.

  • Its all a case of if we go for him though Mayo so I wouldn’t say its poor to very low, if MON wants him I think he’ll come.

  • lol PTP. You think I’ve spoken so much about Owen they’ve picked up on it?!?!?! :o) I did start one a few years ago that seemed to gather pace… totally by mistake obviously! Still think we won’t get top quality unless we go for them… in it to win it so to speak. That is why not going for Defoe last Jan was so baffling.

  • Yeah, QPR is another team who could start to see some exciting action over the next few years, the money is certainly there isn’t it Boxer!

  • I think you’ve started this ye, we noticed in the transfer window how much the journo’s use the fan sites. I think you done it on purpose tbh, not that I’m complaining, bit of talk never hurt anybody and the earlyer we put the option into Owens head the better, he might just come round to our way of thinking.

  • Depends on his options. Will Villa be the best available? And where will we be by January when our key players will be on their knees with exhaustion? Don’t think Spuz or Titty need another striker. The top 4 won’t want him, so maybe we have a chance.

  • Would be good for us, but £100k per week is a bit steep. 51 games in 3 years, not a good recent record.

  • saw the adriano link myself that would be intersting but dont see their being to much truth to it myself. but he does fit the MON mould big and strong

  • DoLpHiNaToR – if we got him at a cut price and he played here for 2 years on £100k a week that is still only £10.4m, we could probably make some of that back too when we sold him on, its not alot in this day an age. Milner cost £12million plus all the wages he will earn in his time at the club. Thats alot more over a two year period. So the £100k being steep **** dont wash with me. If Randy thinks he can afford it then thats up to him and we as fans get to reap the benefits of watching one of the Worlds best plying his trade at our club. UTV

  • This would be the biggest signing the club has ever made,Keep him fit and we would have a proven world class player.If we can hold on to 5th or upwards and stay in europe until january and he could be tempted to villa park.

  • And we wouldn’t have to worry about all this titty bar stuff, he probably hasn’t had his first pint yet let alone lap dance.

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