Date: 18th March 2007 at 7:26pm
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Martin O’Neill has spoken about the lacklustre game against Liverpool and surprisingly says confidence is low.

He told the official site:

‘I suppose a draw against Liverpool has to be seen as a useful point, but we didn’t play particularly well and it eventually turned out to be a nothing game. The responsibility for us as the home side is to do better. We allowed them to much space, gave up possession too easily, sat back and weren’t able to get at them for long spells. We can play much better and we should.’

‘Overall, because we had the big crowd in, I wanted us to play better and it didn’t materialise. That was really disappointing. We need a few more points on the board and confidence is not at its strongest at the moment. We have to fight through this.’

That isn’t the most encouraging thing to hear, low confidence? The club is going places, we have some high priced new arrivals, the fans are right behind the team, so………..?

Funny old game.


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  • Well…. this is why we heralded the arrival of MON. Time to do your thing Mr MON! 3 points against Everton, who looked lively today, will make us safe so we can relax. Half this team have to go though as they ain’t up to it. Bit dissapointed with MON’s tactics and decision making. Gabby needs to be benched his decision making is poor. Young to the right and either Barry, Moloney or Berger on the left. A 4-4-2 with Luke up front wouldn’t go amiss.

  • Why should confidence be low, confidence amongst the supporters has at times this season been higher than anytime in the last 30 years, something is not adding up here, I still have a problem as to where the cause of my nagging doubt lies, fantastic manager, good “NEW” players, crowds up, everything up beat…. am
    and a nag……

  • Today was very disappointing performance wise. Very lack-lustre, and failed to beat a below Liverpool team that looked there for the taking.

  • I am getting tired of hearing ‘we can play better’ I haven’t seen much evidence of that so far. A few months ago MON was telling us Gabby needed a rest but he had to play him, well with Young, Moore and Maloney he now has all the options he needs. Gabby was awful against the Arsenal and I was amazed he started yesterday (Luke wasn’t even on the bench), and sure enough Gabby was poor again yesterday and who did MON bring off? Young. MON must be an absolute footballing genius because I can’t understand what it is he is trying to do at the moment!!

  • Yesterday was truly awful and from where I was sitting, MON’s tactics looked a mess. Gabby and Young were poor and Big John needs to be paired up front, otherwise he’ll be on the move to another club. For christ’s sake, MON, give the Carew/Angel partnership a run out! If it wasn’t for the 3-for-2 ticket deal I’d be asking for a refund!

  • It was like going back in a time warp to the DOL era. Liverpool didn’t turn up yesterday and as always when teams don’t perform against us we don’t bother pushing the game. If MON is going to use Carew as a target man then it makes sense, to a non footballing genius like myself, that you need someone within 5-10 yds of him running onto the balls he wins 9 out of 10 times.

  • Hoss – you’re right! The home games against Fulham and the Baggies last season were amongst the worst I’ve ever endured at VP. Yesterday was on a par with those.

  • Welldone Tommy you saved us a point. Bardsley, like Hughes is average. Cahill and Mellberg solid defensively but poor distribution. Bouma solid but also not the best use of the ball. Barry, Petrov and McCann all grafted but had no options in front of them. This meant often going back to the defenders, who as I have already said distributed poorly. Gabi needs a rest (as he has done for about 10/12 games). Young always checked back on to his right foot instead of taking the ball past his man and would be better suited to the role that Gabi is currently playing on the right. Carew won everything and held the ball up brilliantly but was never offered any support. We have stopped scoring goals since Luke Moore was injured. Get him back in alongside Carew. Barry back out left. Petrov to play the holding role with Berger in front of him. Give McCann a break. There you are problems solved.

  • As someone said on one of the forums, Carew needs to change his cologne because nobody wants to get near him!!

  • was hard to find any positives from yesterday, was a dire dire game
    apart from from big john, everyother player looked poor , people have mentioned gabby should have been on the bench i agree and was very surprised to see Luke didnt even make the bench and am a little puzzled as to why davis wasnt also on the bench , he was our top scoring midfileder last year , is he injured????/

    we were very unenterprising yesterday didnt even attempt to try and win the game

    Really am behind the team and MON but performances like yesterday dont offer even a glimmer of hope

    would have played 4-4-2 yesterday
    same back 5 (bomua was the pick of the bunch yesterday)
    middle davis moore, mccann, barry thought stan, gabby and ashley didnt hold or create anything yesterday and gave the ball away far to cheap, thought mccann was poor as well but the best player at getting into the opposition, barry did at least try and did ok

    up front ashley and carew or possible swap with luke and ashley

    Luke Moore is our best finisher at the club and given the right support would be a 20 goal a season striker

  • On a more positive note. At least we managed to get an opposing team to play to our pace and tactics, which hasn’t happened for a while. We really did bring Liverpool down to our level! 😉

  • When I posted my moans I thought you guys might have a go at me. But no you agree, which in one sense I’m glad about but in another I was hoping you’d cheer me up! I hope MON is up to the task of a managing a premier club because whoever you buy they tactics and choice of player has to be right. Have the lads played well in front of any capacity crowd yet? The fans started well and were beaten into submission. My Liverpool mates were equally appalled by Liverpool. Come on the Villa (at least Man City WHam & Charlton didn’t win)

  • MON is a simplistic coach. Look at all his previous teams tactics, a 4-4-2 with big target men and long balls too. With a phsyical presence throughout the team his preffered way, he expects that by percentages the team win by set pieces. Boring but usually effective with the right players & with at least some skill which villa don’t have at moment. Although carew, mcCann & barry are typical of this.

  • I`ve had my reservations about MON for a while but i must admit that yesterday wasn`t typical of performances overall this season,we have generally played at a much higher tempo and passion,i`m just sick of all the excuses and how ” we`re gonna get it right ” i haven`t seen any improvement on our set-plays ( attacking or defensive ) and the team needs shaking up at times,we may be a club ” on the up ” off the field but don`t see much on it considering money spent,please give me 40 points and we can evaluate in the Summer,but we`re no way out of it considering Charltons run-in.

  • We still can’t score a goal. I’m so down beat with MON at the moment 18mil on Petrov and young what a *****in waste. Carew and Barry and Mellberg are the only three i’d keep midfield lacks any flair and makes strikers look poor as they are getting no service. I hate slagging us off like this but I’m fast losing heart. We seem scared to score first and kill a game off with a second or third we like going one nil down and then start playing so at least we can say we played ok. Sort it out MON get us to safety and quick.

  • Olly gave the ball away almost every time, he needs to stay late in training for some passing lessons. After that our midfielders get tired chasing after the ball, then when we go forwards we wonder why none of them support the attack. As bad as we were, should have been a pen. At least we got a point playing badly, rather than playing well and loosing.

  • On the face of it a point against a team in the top 4 isn’t a bad result, it’s just the fact that we didn’t seem to muster anything near a chance on goal. The team just has a whole disjointed feel about it at the moment, and this season’s fixture list has been an absolute joke in that we’ve never been able to build consistency. This has always been a real transitional season, MON knows whats needed to sort this side out, and he’s come out and said it. Unfortunately it’s going to take time though.

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