Date: 6th June 2006 at 10:37am
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Vital Villa asked what Villa fans thought of Peter Crouch now he has become a Liverpool and England striker. Villa bought Crouch from Portsmouth for over £6million during Graham Taylor’s second stint as manager but he was sold at a huge loss to Southampton (£2m) when David O’Leary joined 3 seasons ago (is it really only 3 seasons? Seems soooo much longer!).

34% were clever so-and-so’s who said we should have kept him and I said so.
18%, including me, said in hindsight we should have kept him.
19% voted for the option ‘£2m? What were you thinking O’Leary?

Just 1% said he is a great striker and 4% said he is an average striker. (Might ask that again after the World Cup depending on how well he does for us!)

Just 24% felt Villa were right to sell him.

They might have been right to sell him but not to have a sell on clause so we got a percentage of the £7million fee that Liverpool paid Southampton was total negligence and if the fans are shareholders had more about them, should have led to strong calls for the board to resign for costing the club even more than the £4million original loss we made on him.

Our current poll is asking is Peter Crouch the coolest dancer on the planet? No, not really, it relates to old Dougy boy.


23 Replies to “Villa Made Huge Mistake With Crouch”

  • Sorry to dipute your facts here Mr Fear but if my memory serves me correctly we actually paid around £4 million for Crouch, not £6 million. Still a massive loss for a player at the club for just 1 season – a ridiculous loss. I was one of the voters for

  • Peter Crouch needs to be played in a certain way. And there is no doubt that he has developed dramatically while at Anfield. If Owen returns to Liverpool next season, they could have a decent crack at the league.

  • I’ve just checked my facts. According to the Wikipedia online encyclopedia Villa paid £5 million for Crouch, so we were both wrong by a million, but whats at million between freineds? 😉

  • And we will continue to make major mistakes while we have the clowns we have making the decissions

  • Wikipedia is added too by users, so they might be wrong! Anyway, when have I let facts get in the way of a good story? I know the press reports at the time were saying £6m anyway, maybe that was including add ons (like the cost of the extra material nee

  • Crouchy was rubbish at Pompey. We thought that we were paying %mill to you for taking him off our hands. It was only under Lord Redknapp he started to become a player

  • Strange to say that he was rubbish at Pompey, according to our good freinds at Wikipedia again, that is where he had his best goals to games ratio (except for england where he is currently 5 goals for 7 games – not bad that). His overall play may have im

  • u did the right thing to sell him, he wasent that good back then, u couldnt wait for hik to improve

  • As a Pompey fan who saw Crouch play regularly for Pompey all those years back I can firmly say he was a big hit in his only season with us in the championship. He played for a struggling team that escaped relegation by the skin of their teeth, yet managed

  • same with allback hes playing well now, vp is a graveyard for even the best striker, even henry would struggle to score. We havent had a 20 league goal a season striker for about 24 years


  • Yes Villa was right to sell him. If they hadn’t he would not be in the England squad. You also need to pass the ball to Crouch and work around him and with him. This is something currently beyond Aston Villa. Your club is unfortunately relying on kicking

  • I humbly suggest a lot of the 34% who claim to have said at the time we should have kept Crouch are liars.

  • As others have mentioned, why are we always harping on about “what might have been?” The fact is that Crouch did not do the business at Villa. His confidence was low and DOL did him a favour by loaning him out (2 goals in 11 games at Norwich) and then s

  • Agreed, at VP Crouch looked out of his depth, a Championship quality striker at best. At the time of his sale to Southampton I think that most supporters were very relieved that we were able to get 2m for him. His early days at St.Mary’s could hardly be d

  • Allback is at FC Copenhagen. Doing well, but not exactly the hardest league in the world.

  • I actually quite liked Allback, maybe not a world beater but too good for the Danish league which is a very similar standard to the one here in Norway where average players like Robbie Winter are hailed as the best in the country. Allback always gave his

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