Date: 26th May 2009 at 3:30pm
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I can’t find news of this anywhere apart from one site but according to them:

‘Arsenal midfielder Samir Carruthers has completed his move to Aston Villa following a successful trial.’

There is certainly nothing on our official site or any other site.

If you want the full details:


11 Replies to “Villa Make Their First Signing?”

  • The headline should have been ,”Arsenal midfielder Samir Signs for Villa” , it would have given the Scum fans a Real Heart attack

  • lol, I stand corrected Yid_from_India, well, I sit corrected if you want me to be totally factual!

  • Ok Naz, I’ll do one for you then. MON is Messiah, all hail MON..! OK?! :o) I’m an inbetweener, I’m not an out and out opti but I’m not a negi either… Nothing wrong with us looking to take on some world class players though Naz, hey if we did we might even finish in the top four and not just poke our noses in during the season. This summer we CAN go for top quality, ok not the very top top but certainly better than some he has brought in (or has had to bring in whilst transforming if you prefer).

  • JF – I was being a little sarcastic mate – I am not All hail MON – but until things go T*TS up and MON loses the plot he has my backing REGARDLESS (so far we are going in the right direction). If he thinks a player is right for us – he is right for us. I want the worlds best – but we ain’t gonna get ’em. I’m happy with what’s happened – SO FAR. Let’s all be realists. We are improving from the “dark” days. He’s made mistakes – we all make mistakes and learn from them – I think MON has also.

  • how do we even though tht this is a proper story. yes, he might have been on a trial with us, but i can’t really see MON signing someone and only one, unofficial site posts a story about it. don’t believe this. no way

  • He is from the Arsenal Academy and is joining ours. Played for their U18 squad once, but usually plays U16.

  • Well said nazvfc. Heard MON on call Colymore on the way back on Sunday and he said what I wanted to hear, that he knew he’d made mistakes and that our form over the last 3 months (same as last years slump at the same time ) needed addressing. He said that he knew what needed to be done in the summer. I am really disappointed how we fell away but believe that he is the man to sort it out. UTV

  • Thats the main thing 444, if he learns from those mistakes then he will be a better manager for it. O’Neill has never managed a club of our size so he still learning, Celtic are the biggest club in Scotland but I still don’t consider them bigger than us. And breaking into the top4 in England is a bigger challenge than winning the Scottish title. As I say, we all hope he can learn from the mistakes he made and take us forward.

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