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Villa Man Goes Under The Radar But In My Opinion Is Our Best Defender

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Amazing sometimes how a player is so solid, so assured, but also fairly quiet and slips under the radar isn’t it?

Who am I talking about in this instance? I bet you’ve got it already from the title to be fair.

Ezri Konsa. He is only 23, but the way he plays belies his young age and screams experience. No nonsense, tough, and as all good defenders are – hard to get past.ย  All-in-all, he’s a great team player who has also weighed in with 3 goals in 45 appearances for Aston Villa following his move from Brentford. The deal is said to have been worth around ยฃ12million. Looks an absolute snip now doesn’t it?

We definitley have higher profile players, but I’m not sure we have better players (as good as, yes) as Ezri.

He has made the England U21 side 7 times (with 1 goals) according to Wiki. I hope it is only a matter of time before he pushes his way into England contention. As said, I find him a no nonsense defender, goes about his job efficiently and is rarely caught for position. I did think, when Mings was suspended, him and Hause looked good together, I think it was unfortunate for Hause to be dropped. I much prefer no player – ok, ok, Jack aside, I’m not totally stupid (!) – to be an automatic choice. You earn your place, and I think Hause did that. With that said, Smith is the manager, we are 8th with 2 games in hand, so I have no complaints this season…!

Looks like Richard on Twitter agrees! LOL

A few posts from our forum thread for Ezri

garygaryshaw said: “He does have the advantage that he doesnโ€™t have to face super Jack.”

Villan57 replied: “Jack did say a few months back that Konsa is the most difficult player at the club to get past because he recovers so quickly and is quick etc”

ldgavfc rates him as highly as myself, saying: “He’s definitely the best England centre back in his age bracket. Better than Gomez.”

And last one, at the end of last year, JuanPabloAngel (forum user, not the striker!) posted: Quick shout out for Ezri Konsa, possibly our most consistent performer this season.

You can follow Ezri on Twitter.

And nice to see this goal again (sorry, a bit of an aside to this article, but who cares!)

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