Date: 29th August 2006 at 10:20am
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Martin O’Neill is frustrated that the funds might not be there in time for him to make any real impact in the transfer market but also says they are doing what they can.

Reports are suggesting we are about to sign Celtic midfielder Stilian Petrov and that rumour has grown since Celtic bought Thomas Gravesen.

O’Neill said: ‘It is depressing that we have only three days to go, but we will try and do something about it, definitely. The players at the football club need a bit of help. It would be really important for us to get some people in. I know that, I don’t need people to keep reminding me about the deadline. It is really important.’

Adding: ‘In terms of the football club itself, it would be nice but if it doesn’t materialise, and I’m not putting a dampener on it – far from it – we will still try and bring some people in, even if they end up being loans. We will try and do something because we need the squad bolstering.’

He also explained that he didn’t want to let Kevin Phillips go but Super Kev was keen to move to get more games.


23 Replies to “Villa Manager With Eye On Transfers”

  • i agree if he is not fit enough for his club he should not be fit for selection for country. What is going on with Berger no one has gave us an update on his fitness.

  • i dont consider berger a villa player, he has not played enough and im sure oneil will not keep him , where will petrov fit in our team? and i don’t think he is worth anyhin ova 5mill

  • Baros isnt in the Czech squad. And as long as we keep playin the way we have been, we should be able to hold out till the January window without any new signings. But if we can add to an already very good team, imagine what can unfold

  • I got Baros’ autograph before the Reading match. I was going to question him whether he was staying at VP or moving on. Thing is, his Czech supermodel girlfriend was with him and I spent so much time taking photos of her I forgot to ask!

  • Apart from Petrov the newspapers don’t seem to have even rumours of Villa signings, so if he has any lined up he is certainly keeping them well concealed.

  • Baros started training with Villa again last week. Will be good for him to get some match fitness under his belt with the Czechs in my opinion.

  • signings would be good but it looks like we will be ok between now and christmas after a good start.

  • i think the best time to stenghten the squad is when you are doing well which we are at the moment. I can remember Gregory saying the same thing when we went top under him a few seasons ago but Ellis refused to srenghten and we all know what happened afte

  • heard that there was a piece in the mirror about Scott Brown of Hibs been a target, anyone heard anything???

  • calm down deemz, its very early days and lets not put too much pressure on team and manager. We havent even signed 1 new player yet. I would prefer quality buys rather than last minute panicks that cost over the odds.

  • I cant recall feeling this positive about the villa since gregory, but even then you were still waiting for ellis to put a stop to it, i also cant recall the last time we had a goal difference in the ‘+’s, any statsmen out there who can answer this?

  • Everyone should start looking at the bigger picture. Has no one yet picked up the report of Randy Lerner putting together a £100million sponsorship deal to fund new player acquisitions. So just slow down, let’s rebuild slowly after MON has completely anal

  • Bring back Dublin he is a free agent and we could always rely on him nutting a few of the opposition.I love the big fella.

  • Lol, aaaaahhhhhhh memories, endearing image, dropping one on Savage, still brings a big smile to my face. a bit long in the tooth now but you could always rely on him to get stuck in. mention his name to the villa faithfull 9 out of 10 cant help a smile,

  • I’ve read a few reports that MON is worried he may not have funds available before Thursday’s deadline. What’s going on, is Randy funding him or what???

  • Any incoming new faces that arrive before the deadline will be a bonus, but it seems apparent that the real team reshaping/rebuilding will not begin until January at the earliest, or even more likely, next summer. Whether or not the current squad will be

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