Date: 26th February 2007 at 5:16pm
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There is an article in The Birmingham Post which spells out Aston Villa’s intention to put up the media rights for Villa up for sale.

In an article by Anna Pike and Joanna Geary, it is reported that Villa is looking to become more ‘fan-friendly’ and will release a tender document this week.

Birmingham Post article click here

The document has been put in place by chief executive Richard FitzGerald, who told the Post:

‘The development and presentation of our media is an important part of the team’s image – both domestically and internationally. The formation of this media tender is a crucial step in Aston Villa FC’s development. The emphasis is to be on the fans’ experience, to simplify the overall production process and to create an integrated marketing proposition for our partners.’

Club spokesman Phil Mepham added: ‘Our aim is to ensure greater efficiency . It allows us to be in control, ensuring that what is offered is what the fans want. We’ve set up various consultation groups and as a consequence of are in a good position to produce what the fans want.’

Happily the contract with the website producers Premium TV runs out this summer and although they can put in their tender, it is unlikely they will succeed in renewing the contract. A source close to the club said: ‘The website has also suffered from being middle of the road, as Premium TV are responsible for Premiership club website and they all end up looking the same. But with a new chief executive with commercial experience of the web, I can only assume that the replacement is going to be of very high quality.’


17 Replies to “Villa Media Rights Up For Sale”

  • Wow, all good news. Must admit the Villa site is pretty boring and predictable. I’d have thought Ridgewell’s moustache would have grown by now. Perhaps a Villa TV channel on Sky/Cable. Superb progress. Just got to get a few more wins to allay any relegation fears.

  • Cancelled my subscription to the O/S the “highlights” were nothing more than lowlights, the commentary was cruddy and you had to wait a week sometimes to see it. Really not worth the wait.

  • I was watching Real Madrid TV (better than MCFC TV!) on Sky for free and it’s great – Loads of shows, goals, players interviews etc.

  • Yet another thing in which Villa are attempting to compete with the market leaders on under the new regime.

    If the team can start to match the back of house boys we’ll be competing in no time!

  • As an ex-graphic designer i’ve always thought the Villa OS to be absolute rubbish. Off with their heads!

  • I think a lot of it comes from the template system the company have in place. For such a high end product ? it needs to be far more bespoke.

  • Regardless of what media services are provided, be it Internet downloads, TV channels, Radio Stations, Mobile services and what merchandising is purchasable, as long as it’s QUALITY stuff, we will all be more than willing to subscribe to/purchase these products, which hopefully will =’s more £££’s for our club football club. Good move all round 1. To improve the clubs media profile, 2. It’s presentation and 3. Giving the fans what they want when they want it! This is the Aston Villa of the 21st century…. UTV!!

  • How have we put up with the rubbish treatment of the best club in the world, for the Dug years? If this club was a car, due to severe neglect, a general service would not be enough, Seems Mr Randy has gone into this with eyes wide open, employing the best people available and doing all the right things. Villa will be dragged kicking and screaming into this century, twenty years later than we should have been. (even though this is only year 7)

  • it just keeps getting better thanks to the American business acumen of our new board. A question for Saurat though…how do you design ex-graphics?

  • I don’t believe the ‘source’ but believe the AVFC website to be going. It’s rubbish and is exactly the same as others – in every way. Annoying log in porcess which makes you click and type loads and as we know all good websites reduce this as it is not the ethos of surfing. Great to hear the media rights are up for sale. Sick to death of walking into Birmingham New Street station and finding Brum FC and Manu magazines – disgraceful. I hope they revamp the deplorable Pallasades Club shop as well. It’s old, dusty, 90’s styled and only has kids behind the counter!!!! Why isn’t their plasma screens blaring the golden years and advertising deals. A loyalty card scheme wouldn’t go amiss – perhaps tying in with a supermarket chain. i know the tie-in is a big idea but we have BIG Americans behind us now ans we must be ruthless and dynamic in our strategies. Keep up the good work Krulak / Lerner. Up the Villa!

  • Sorry when talking about plasma screens the sentence should not have ‘their’ but instead have ‘there’. Almost lost my Kool for a second.

  • As long as they don’t give it to the highest bidder who then make it financially inaccessible to the real fans…

  • for morkys comment that if we would be car then we would be neglected and be due for the scrap heap…. maybe randy is Xibit in secret. ha ha pimp my villa!

    Randy + management ur doing a class job

  • I’d like to see as much of this done ‘in-house’ as possible. Our official web-site needs to be, and should be unique. Designed and operated from Villa Park. I’m not sure whether such a situation would be cost-effective, but the current site just doesn’t cut it.

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