Date: 24th May 2007 at 3:58pm
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Barry included in England B team

Gareth Barry has been included in the team to face Albania tomorrow night. He will also be playing a central midfield role – which many fans consider to be his best position.

Much of the media will be heralding the return of Michael Owen, but if Barry has a stormer like he does for Villa (which is going to happen) then he will be included in the full squad announced on Saturday.

Anyway good luck Gareth and make us proud!

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18 Replies to “Villa Midfielder Faces Albania”

  • Only one thing stopping him making the full team and as there are ladies present I will have to use an anagram: the Twinger Gat!!!

  • Downing will always be played before him with Cornet Head in charge. If it goes pear shaped quickly he’ll be out as the FA want to fill the new Wemberly

  • I still can’t believe Maclaren is the England manager, the sad things is, most England fans want him to fail. He could do worse by introducing Young and Gabby into the fringes.

  • Cant help but feel that he should be having his feet up, supping on a cold ‘un, soaking up the warmth of the sun on some tropical beach of paradise right now, as opposed to strutting his stuff in a near meaningless ‘All hail Michael Owen’ friendly, hastily arranged by that nice man Mr McClaren. If he hasn’t convinced Mr M. of his superb and many talents before now, I cant see how anything is going to change tomorrow night. Hope though that I’m very much wrong, and like my fellow Villans, I obviously wish him well. Go get ’em Gareth!

  • He proberly wont get picked for the main squad even if he plays like Pele McClaren will proberly only pick players on celebraty status

  • Just listening to Cornethead on SS News, he’s shambolic, talk about preferential treatment, I admit Owen’s got a good record, but that’s well in the past – he’ll probably break down after a few minutes. What this says to Defoe, Bent and Lennon I don’t know. Did everyone see that newcomer Phil Neville is playing too, how exciting!

  • McMuppet is a puppet and I am a poet and I don’t know it. Barry is class. We know that. Most of the football world knows that. I actually believe that he is too good in too many positions but not quite good enough in the wide left position. That said, how Downing or Chuckle Brother Neville can ever be selected in front of him, in any position is a scandal. For that alone McMuppet should be given the tin tack.

  • mcclaren just said its good to test the players at this level (re the b game) – is he stupid (yes)? albania is a test much, much easier than any premiership game all these players are used to. how can you tell if they are worth a full england cap when they are ‘tested’ against a side that would struggle to beat histon or weston-super-mare??? and besides that, i think its pretty bleedin’ obvious that gareth barry is worth a full england cap…

  • Jeez,how good was Barry?? Thank God we have got him,total,total quality and Ha Ha Mclaren listed 6 players who he was impressed with but no mention of him !!!!!! well at least it will be less games for him next season.

  • exactly aspinall,barry was pure quality,best player on pitch and then mcmuppet talks about jenas and co! he definately has a grudge against gareth for some reason,barry couldnt have done anymore,he was superb

  • Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every player that started for B team is in the new full squad APART FROM GB?????????????? What the F@@k is happening here,i couldn`t care apart from his confidence taking a total battering and will he feel that Villa cannot bring him Caps ??

  • It aint fair I bet it will put some people off joining Villa because they wont get in the England team and its pathetic that Phil Neville is in the squad

  • Christo,this is what i`m thinking -yes,it`s great that he won`t be dragged all over Europe to sit on the bench but will this effect Villa in the long run?I`m just totally baffled by his rejection,there is no logical footballing reason.

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