Date: 6th April 2006 at 5:38pm
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Hardly a surprise this report, but Mathieu Bersons agent doesn’t think that Berson will want to return to Villa and to be fair, why would he?

His agent Olivier Jouanneaux said:

‘Personally, I believe Mathieu could not go back to Villa to live the same season as last year or the one Eric Djemba-Djemba is currently experiencing. A positive solution may have to be found in respect to the parties’ interests.’

He also says that Berson, who has impressed whilst on loan at Auxerre and has been touted as a possible squad member for France in the World Cup, ‘is quite confident with his future. He has still two years left on his contract with Aston Villa and he knows the usual Spanish clubs are following him. He will wait for Villa to tell him what it wants him to do.’

Another wasted transfer, how many more of these are we going to endure?


11 Replies to “Villa Midfielder Not To Return?”

  • Could he not come back and have a decent season with us? Seeing as we have obviously been rather short on midfielders who can keep the ball on the deck and do the simple job for us.

    Apparently that is McCann but, seriously?

  • He could, but would you want to return after O’Leary said he was from a small town and hadn’t settled in?! Utter rubbish according to the player but it must have put his nose out of joint. He looked quality the few occassions he was played but I guess w

  • It’s very difficult to understand anything that goes on.

    However it may just be us sugarbags complaining too much 😉

  • I would like him back but not under O`leary. If he is quality and worth a go, some other English club will come in and take him ? Why is there only French or Spanish clubs on offer, or is that his agent talking.

    Does the same agent represent Djemba-D

  • Maybe if we get another manager (possibly a French Manager?) he might be tempted to give it one more season?

  • I think that there was a lot of truth in the story that the guy was homesick, and just couldnt settle in the U.K. For once I dont think that O’Leary was the ogre here. As a footballer I personally felt that he was possibly too slow for the premiership, al

  • I’m sure regular first team football and the chance to integrate properly with yur new team mates does wonders for home sickness. But hey what do i know?

  • You could well be right deanovilla, I dont know. I understand that he could barely speak English either, and that can hardly help the situation. I know from experience that homesickness is pretty rough on an individual, but football is universal, so maybe

  • As they say a week is a long time in a football a few months must be an who knows what will happen come the summer if we were to have a new managerowners. Stranger things have happened I guess.

  • A new manager perhaps would sort it all out I would agree with deano.


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