Date: 6th August 2018 at 10:00am
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I thought this was interesting over the weekend. (Then again, I don’t get out much!)

Peter Kenyon, ex-Manchester United and Chelsea. So plenty of experience and so, one would think, the sort of character that Aston Villa, with new professional owners, would want to have as their CEO?

It is absolutely crucial this appointment is right, as we look to re-build our mighty club.

Plenty of reactions to the link, one saying

So I looked on Wiki…! They say: Peter Kenyon is a British businessman who has served as the chief executive of English Premier League clubs Manchester United Football Club and Chelsea Football Club, where he has been involved in contentious transfer dealings.

No idea about the deals, The Guardian have a report on the 3rd party question whilst at Chelsea, but I do like what they go on to say about his time at Manchester United, it’s this sort of experience we need: During his time in his role, the club actually became one of the most financially stable, while simultaneously expanding their global appeal.

The Telegraph also have a profile on Kenyan.

David Conn of The Guardian did an in-depth look at Jorge Mendes in 2014. Obviously, he’s become known for his time at Wolves and is now being linked to us.

And the reactions to the news on that there Twitter

On the flipside, one dismisses him as yesterday’s man:

Or is he?

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