Date: 23rd August 2007 at 1:11pm
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Olof Mellberg has been quoted as saying he wants European football. Nothing new there then, all ambitious and top players want to ply their trade in the top competitions. The faithful Villa servant is in the last year of his contract and Villa are looking to extend his stay. He did say at one point that he might look to America, but reading between the lines I got the feeling he didn’t mean from next summer when his current Villa deal runs out, more a thought for the future.

Recently he told Expressen, ‘It’s obvious that it would be nice to play in the European Cup.’ Adding, ‘I hope and believe that I will have a good season and continue to play well. Then we will see. There is a lot happening at Villa too and I regard the club’s future positively.’

Some reports have drawn the conclusion from those quotes that the bearded wonder will be off in the summer and I’d not think there would be a shortage of takers to be honest. However I think what he is saying is perfectly clear, if Villa are competitive and back his ambitions, then he can play in Europe with Villa and would be only to happy to stay.

So what do Villa have to do? Well, pretty obvious really, buy some quality players and quickly. There have been quotes this summer from players looking forward to new signings and being up for the challenge of fighting for their places. Then as the transfer window has gone on, saying they are surprised that new arrivals haven’t been coming in as quickly as we all thought.

I must admit if Villa, and more importantly the manager as it is Martin O’Neill who deals with the transfers, don’t bring in quality and don’t prove that we can compete in the league this season to bring us European football next season, then we might well see players like Gareth Barry also start to look at his options. A players career isn’t that long and the quality deserve to play at the top level.

Over to you Martin!


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  • If Davies signs then is Oli going to be 3rd choice when Laursen is fit and Cahill is getting better all the time, who knows next year. Don’t get me wrong, excellent defender but not the quickest, same problem with Barry. In this day and age you have to be rapid.

  • We the supporters have been moaning, groaning and complaining throughout the summer at the virtual lack of transfer activity at Villa Park, and we all are surely well aware that our frustrations, and at times anger, are emotions that have to have been shared by the current playing staff also. As you so rightly say, one or two players have openly admitted over the course of the past few weeks, that they were expecting, and indeed looking forward to, the influx of new arrivals that would help to turn a promising young squad, into one seriously capable of challenging for a top six placing. They have to have been as frustrated and as disappointed as we the supporters have been, at the mere trickle of arrivals through the entrance door. The squad is seriously short right now on both numbers, and more importantly, quality. We know it, the players know it, and while our manager obviously (surely!) knows it also, the fact of the matter is that while all of our competitors have seriously strengthened their squads throughout the summer, the feeling pretty much shared by one and all, is that we as a club have been caught unprepared and with our pants down. We have been more active in offloading players to strengthen our rivals squads, than we ever have been in looking after goal number one. Our players want to be involved in European football, the ‘better’ players on our staff consider it to be their right. They need competitive european club football. It is little short of criminal that the likes of Gareth Barry has barely graced the playing fields of europe over the years, due to our lack of domestic success, and consequently european involvement. With the arrival of Mr Lerner and MON, Gareth was persuaded, maybe even against his better judgement, to sign a new extended contract to remain at the club, with the belief that better days surely lay ahead. No doubt he was convinced that the new regime meant business, and that major new signings would be made to ensure that the club was firmly on the right track to return to the days when as a club we contested for success, played in european competition, and that we were no longer simply prepared to make up the numbers, knowing full well that we were destined to finish any given season as one of the also rans. Right now, Gareth, amongst others must be feeling let down, experiencing a serious case of deja-vu. MON has eight days to turn this shambles (and I dont use that word loosely) of a summer, incoming transfer wise, into a meaningful and satisfying transfer market experience. Its not too late. The supporters and more importantly the players are desperately waiting to see some action, action that will confirm that the club indeed does mean business, and that all of the talk of ‘Proud History, Bright Future’, are words that do not have a hollow ring to them, just as the promises and untruths that we have been fed in the past were. Come On Martin. This is a very important eight days for the club. Dont allow us to be found wanting again.

  • nice comment glensider.
    I can’t see, never have seen that he won’t sign players its the way and the lateness that is the problem
    I’m thinking that whoever he signs will now be put under super scrutiny so they have to be special.
    It might be hard going if say the transfers were of Harewood quality

  • Mellberg isnt good enough to play in the European Cup. If he does ever leave Villa he will be making a step down to a “lesser” club

  • I agree with the comments of both JP and glensider. It is not whether Mellberg is good enough or not to play at Champions League level it is that he is reflecting the viwes of our better players.
    I am sure that Ashley Young and NRC did not jion us without some expectation of european football in the near future. If we don’t make it or get near it this year then our good youngsters will want away and once again we would become the nursery team for the likes of Manure; over the years they have nicked some of our better players. So it is an imperative that MON brings in several quality players in the next 7 days to give us a realistic chance of competing for europe. As things stand at the moment the team is not equipped to do so. I am also worried by the reports that MON is still prepared to dump Cahill in exchange for Davies. One in one out is not team building, given that DAvies may well want away in twelve months to go to London. I don’t know it is all very worrying.

  • In fairness there have been rumors of him leaving before. i think his next move will be to good old US of A because i think he’ll see out his top flight career with us

  • IF he wants out at the end of the season sell him for 2 millions now and get in Davies and the German dude. I would be happy with that.

  • I get the feeling there will be 2 players next week coming in who we never imagined would be playing for our football club. I am getting excited by the final week approaching….WBA new term in the dictionary under meanings for Greedy.

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