Date: 5th October 2018 at 11:00am
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The departure of Steve Bruce as Aston Villa manager earlier this week has certainly seen fans offer their two penneth worth, especially as the presumed old guard within the media and the game itself get all defensive and clearly show they haven’t watched a single game this season, or probably last.

With the vast majority of fans wishing Bruce the best, thanking him for the part he played in helping to turn around our slide – whilst also accepting his flaws and decisions were now holding both sides back, leading to the fracture in opinions and his eventual departure – I thought the following comment from Tony J was worthy of a wider audience.

Simply put the decision has been taken by our owners, with the good wishes being sent by fans, it’s now time to look forward and focus on the next appointment – especially with so many names already being bandied about.

Every managerial pick is important, but this is the first true test for Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens and this choice will tell a lot of fans about their intentions, ambitions and overall ethos for what they want Aston Villa to be under their stewardship.


I hope we avoid a big, yet inexperienced, name coming in to replace Bruce.

Clearly, the first job of the new incumbent is to assess the squad and choose an effective set up that fits with the talent on offer. A re-balancing of the side will be necessary with the players required to buy into the new ideas being presented to them.

However, not too far down the line lies the prickly subject of off-loading a lot of older players, who have expiring terms in the summer, assessing the fringe guys and players loaned out and, quite possibly, weighing up the merit of some of the youngsters. All told, there is likely to be a lot of player movement, which really does require someone with a strong strategical head, who has a clear and bold strategy for the future.

Not an easy task to get right, without the right leader.

A whole host of ‘favourites’ are being cited from Allardyce to Smith to Rodgers to Fonseca. Perhaps, of these, Smith and Fonseca carry the best potential to do a good job.

Of course, there are other regularly recycled names mentioned too – Moyes, McCarthy and Pardew – less inspiring in my eyes, who have moved on too often to offer genuine hope.

I just hope the new man is selected with care, rather than by media reputation. If we don’t get it right, we could be languishing in the second tier for far too long.

Writer: Tony J


8 Replies to “Villa Need To Select The New Manager With Care As It’s Not Just A Gaffer We’re Selecting”

  • Dean Smith has already assessed the squad from his point of view as Brentford manager – he’s played them off the park pretty much every time he’s come up against them. No time wasted there. Dean Smith is the stand out candidate. Rodgers is a good but already tainted second. Moyes, MOYES!! You cannot be serious. He is a serial failure. Handball Henry would be repeating the Di Matteo disaster only worse. Loads of dinosaurs, failures and has-beens on the list, only one coming man with the right knowledge, attitude, vision, record and experience to get us out of the championship and push on to finer things. And he’s one of us, we’d have his back from the start. DEAN SMITH gentlemen. You’ve made one timely and right decision, now make the next.

  • Dean Smith for me (although last game we played Brentford off the park!). I like his ethos, enthusiasm and the fact his teams play quick moving football, not the turgid dross we have been subjected to for far too long. Outside of him, Fonseca, Flores, even Big SAM I think would push us on. Not a fan of the Pardew, Moyes, MaCarthy etc. Surprised we haven’t heard from Allan Curbishly, he was always mentioned with any job…

    • Eaxctly, Villa fans do get carried away don’t they? Just because Brentford nearly beat us it’s interpreted as us being played off the park! You have to smile. It was definitely a match when the ball didn’t run for Villa, until the death.

  • Dean Smith for me too. Given that the new owners on first arriving immediately got in touch with a number of key fans groups, including our own venerable Mr Fear, I would hope we therefore have a line of communication with the Club.

    In which case we need to use asap and let it be known that David Moyes is unacceptable to us. Villa fans cannot dictate a decision. Its for the owners to decide. If they come up with a new name few know, he will not be immediately embraced, but he will be given every chance. But someone must be appointed who the fans might buy into. Moyes is another yesterday’s man, whose time has passed, and should not be considered. The Club must hear this loud and clear.

  • FFS please not Dean Smith. He’s achieved absolutely nothing – just another flavour of the month because Brentford are playing nice football. When RDM got the boot there were plenty of calls to get Rowett, Karanka or Wagner – not so popular now are they. Our fan base have huge expectations about this division and the pressure is massive if results aren’t going our way. IMO we need a big character who has worked in a similar environment before.

  • We are all entitled to our views, but what Dean Smith has done to deserve a “FFS not Dean Smith” I do not know. He has not won any championships yet, but to say he has achieved nothing is just wrong. He took Walsall from brink of relegation to 4th when he left, followed by 3 years of attractive, attacking football in the Championship at Brentford, all done on a shoestring, the latter despite being big net sellers, and having to constantly rebuild. That, counts as an achievement in most peoples books, and his success is not blotted with any failures either.

    Clearly, all appointments, including Dean Smith, are a gamble, but there are no big names who will conceivably come to Villa without any baggage, and most with any success long ago. There is also the continental route, whether a name like Henry, or some relative unknown, but they are all a gamble. Also Dean Smith is “one of our own” and if it worked might be here for the long haul, rather than jump ship.

    Dean Smith would be an exciting choice , backed by many, but certainly not a “FFS” appointment, which is grossly unfair.

    • As you say we are all entitled to our views and I personally feel Dean Smith would be a poor pick. If he wasnt a Villa fan I dont think half as many people would want him. Brentford were playing the same brand of football before he took over and Warburton managed to get them up to 5th and qualify for the play offs – he doesnt get involved in transfers either so who knows if he can build a team. He seems like a nice enough bloke but this job comes with a huge amount of pressure from a fan base who expect promotion. I’d personally rather see someone who has had to cope with working at a big club in the past.

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