Date: 5th May 2006 at 10:47am
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Did I miss something or has David O’Leary gone mad?

The under-pressure manager, who seems to have a very regular habit of putting his foot in his mouth says that he is proud that he has kept Villa in the Premiership.


He also claims that the Villa fans have a feel good factor because we are now the only Premiership club in the midlands.


Hands up who feels good about this season? Does a local derby victory or two against very poor opposition make up for the fact that we haven’t once troubled the top ten all season?

This man has got to go because he is blind to the ways of the Villa fans, he does not understand the club and has no idea what we are thinking.

O’Leary, there is NO pride of Lions at the moment, most of us are bored, angry, devastated and saddened. If you think we feel good then PLEASE GO NOW.

Is the manager in some sort of competition with Doug Ellis for who can say the most ridiculous things to wind up the fans perhaps?

‘I want the season over, so we can start preparing for next season. It’s been disappointing but I never thought we’d go down.’

Adding somewhat mystifyingly after bringing in Milner, Baros and Bouma last summer:

‘I always thought we’d be in and around the mix, which was exactly what happened.’

That explains a great deal, the white flag was up before we even started.

He continues:

‘From Christmas onwards, the ambition was all about simply staying in this division and I’m proud we’ve achieved that. I’m proud of this club and I’ll be proud to be representing this area in the Premiership next season.’

‘And, although I don’t want to rub people’s noses in it, when I’ve been around the city this week, everywhere I’ve been, even just filling up with petrol, there’s been a great mood. You can see it’s given the Villa fans a real lift that they’re the only ones in the Midlands still in the Premiership and hopefully they can look forward to better things.’

Sorry, this man is a pratt of the highest order. Doug or no Doug (and no Doug is always the best option) O’Leary has to go. This is just another in a long line of insults. I’ve known Emu’s who stick their head in the sand less than him.

Our last game is on Sunday and even with a win against Sunderland the best we can hope for is 16th and 42 points. Apparently he then has a meeting with Doug to find out what ‘war chest’ he has for the summer spending (big laugh). Lets hope Doug gets his axe out, O’Leary has treated the fans with the same disdain that Doug has done for years and has taken us nowhere in the three years since taking over from Graham Taylor.

At the time O’Leary said finishing 16th was not good enough for a club this size. I agree David and now you have managed less points than GT, why not have the dignity to walk and stop bullsh*tting us that we feel good.


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  • i cant believe we’ve actually inheritetd 2 turnips in a row for mangers, what a shambles, DOL seems to forget we have top quality international players in our team and we should not be at the foot of the table

  • THANK YOU! I read that article and i got so frustrated and angry and upset, i just can’tunderstand how a manager and a chairman can be so unbelievably far removed from the feelings of the fans.
    I am apoplectic with rage thinking about this absurd idiot w

  • Hopefully you will take the ‘don’t shoot the messenger’ saying to heart mtones, or do I need to go into hiding?!? I have a funny feeling the status quo is set to remain at Villa. Not sure about rocking all over the world, but we are kings of the midland

  • He just cant help himself can he…just imagine (not that its going to happen) that next season we were to finish in the top 6 with DOL still in charge. He would make it difficult to enjoy because he would be constantly taunting anybody who dared judge hi

  • I’ll let you knwo when I have that feel good factor.

    He sees the axe man cometh and is just trying to make sure doug swings.

  • AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGGGGG!!!!!! Just about sums up how I feel about reading these comments.

  • I never thought it was possible for a football manager to be so dumb, blind, bigheaded, pathetic and completly unable to manage, but O’Leary has proved me and many others wrong

  • He’s proud of ‘achieving’ staying in the premiership!!!!!!!

    It just shows what a tool this guy is. We should have finished 6th this season. GET HIM OUT!!

  • i think the man is trying to get in a cricket team, he puts more spin on things than shane warne!!

  • We definitely have a manager here who doesnt stop to think before he opens his mouth. I cant believe that he’s really as stupid as he tends to make himself look, and its no wonder that of late he’s tended to allow his right hand man, RA, to the talking fo

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