Date: 5th April 2006 at 11:18am
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Shocking news. Tickets for this weekends local – and now crunch – local derby v West Bromwich Albion are still on sale. What ever happened to the sell outs at Villa Park? Surely this is a clear sign that fans are now being distanced from Villa with the constant negativity from both the chairman and manager?

With the right ‘product’ on the pitch, Villa Park could be sold out for every game, but the fans are leaving in their droves thanks to tweedle dee and tweedle dum. The average attendance is already a few thousand down on last season, if this trend continues, we will end up with more sub 30 000 gates next season, especially with a great many season ticket holders saying they aren’t going to renew and that they will pick and choose games instead. Any club that loses it’s core support is going to be bang in trouble and with Ellis at the helm, we are sailing a very unstable course.

The ticket office have warned that only people with a booking history will be allowed to buy the remaining tickets as they try to ensure the segregation of fans.

They also warn that the kiosks will not be open on Sunday and the only place to get tickets will be the Villa Village Ticket Office.
Head of Consumer Sales Nicola Keye told ‘We don’t want fans to find themselves in long queues on Sunday, so we’d advise them to buy tickets in advance. It would be easy to put tickets on general sale now, but that wouldn’t be a sensible thing to do. We want as many fans here on Sunday, but we aim to make sure supporters are in the appropriate sections.’

Consumer sales 0121 327 5353

Tickets for the Blues game the week after are also still available.


5 Replies to “Villa Not Sold All Derby Tickets Yet”

  • That’s a joke! Doesn’t help preventing people who haven’t gone this season so far though, it’s the reason i won’t be there. Thought I’d be able to see them at home this year, don’t know if i’ll be able to now.

  • Pressed submit instead of return! My point being the fans are voting with their feet and that should serve as a better protest than any group or individual could arrange.

  • Would have been surprised if it were a sell out. The day/kick-off time hardly helps, but fans who have been staying away, simply have no reason to return, important local derby or not.

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