Date: 17th April 2006 at 10:23am
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So, rumours suggesting David O’Leary might be parting waves with Aston Villa might be wide of the mark, especially with the manager putting more pressure on the board saying he wants to ‘build my team’ around on loan winger James Milner.

Reports suggest Milner would cost Villa £3million, although the rumbles from St James Park have been that he isn’t for sale, so I’m not sure where that figure has come from.

Maybe that was why David O’Leary was once again saluting Doug Ellis yesterday following the derby win. I’d have preferred to see him salute the fans, but hey ho, you pays your money, you makes your choice.

O’Leary said of 20-year-old Milner: ‘James Milner’s absolutely flying and it’s a fantastic boost. He comes into my thoughts big style.I hope we can bring him here. This is another young player who I want to build a team around. He epitomises all I want to do here. He’s a never say die, play-on-one-leg type like Gavin McCann. That’s the hunger and desire you want.’

Milner looked shattered after giving it his all yesterday. He had declared himself fit despite not being fully recovered from an enlarged spleen that has kept him out for the last few weeks. His energy was certainly missed when he wasn’t in the team.


8 Replies to “Villa – O’Leary Wants Milner”

  • chances are the new boos at toon will not let him go nowhere
    hes still young and nobby is going next season so they have no cover
    lets just hope he kicks up a fuss and wants to stay with his pals cahill, moore, ridgy, gabby, barry theyre all his same ag

  • You can see the difference he makes to the team, following his return on Sunday. Admittedly he tired towards the end, but he gave his all again, and would indeed be a tremendous acquisition. Like andrew144, I’d be surprised if Newcastle were prepared to l

  • I wouldnt get too carried away though, if they want more than 3m I would be very careful as whilst he works very hard his delivery is not always the best. Dont get me wrong, would love to see him signed but at a sensible price as we need as much money as

  • I think that is what is exciting about the player Aronno7, he makes a massive difference to the team and yet he is far from the finished product. I can’t see Newcastle wanting to sell him though and I can’t see why DOL is trying to arrange the transfer vi

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