Date: 15th April 2006 at 12:21pm
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Kevin Blackwell has made a stinging attack on current Aston Villa manager David O’Leary for the ‘legacy’ he left whilst in charge at Leeds United.

Blackwell, who has received hate mail from Leeds fans, told the Mirror:

‘I wasn’t the manager who got us relegated, I wasn’t the manager who spent £100million, and I wasn’t the manager who ruined this football club. I started with no players and no money, but I still have to get this club into the Premiership and do cartwheels. I am very proud to manage Leeds United.’

Ruined one, now moaning and whinging all the way to the bottom of the league with another. This is surely O’Leary’s last big job?


16 Replies to “Villa – O’Leary’s Last Big Job?”

  • I can’t remember ever having a manager this unpopular at the club? He’s not liked by the fans of his old club, not liked by the fans of his current club, he’s not liked in the press, he’s not liked by most of the pundits, the players can’t be that keen o

  • Doug can’t afford the compensation payment if DOL’s contract is terminated. So until something else happens, regarding takeovers etc, were stuck with him.

  • Well if we lose on Sunday i think the fans will turn nasty towards DOL again and deadly maybe forced to wield his axe…the only thing stopping him is the price of termianting DOL’s contract. Funny how he and aitken showed passion before he signed his ne

  • Dog CAN afford to sack O’Whingesalot but the point is, at this moment in time, Doug WON’T afford it. It’s a question of priorities and Doug does not want to jeopodise his annual bonus due to a lack of funds in the club. However, I think that given the c

  • More shocked in the fact you think the man has a heart rather than how you spelt his name! ;-))

  • The Future is bright but we need to find a manager to bring make sure we get the future.
    I reckon we could easily field a team whose age is under 22 but we neeed some damn good players who they can learn from and build the team around.

  • Doug clearly has a heart, how else could he have heart problems? 🙂 Oh yeh, he has heart problems, perhaps I was wrong then as it is clearly not functioning properly :-

  • Leeds let their players go on the cheap – £6M for Smith and they recieved just £3m for Kewell, Can’t blame tha manager for that and what did they think he would do when told he could sign anyone ? If Blackwell was in that position he would have spent like

  • Its very difficult to fathom out just how or where DOL would/will pick up the pieces when his Villa Park sojourn is over. His reputation will be pretty much in tatters, and its very difficult to see another premiership outfit throwing in their lot with hi

  • I agree still-ian, but DOL was onto a loser as soon as he started taking it out of the fans – or when he ran across the pitch to salute the board of Villa at the Sty (attempting to undo all the good work fans and shareholders had tried to do with referenc

  • Blackwell doesnt know what hes talking about it was the board who sent Leeds down and then left it in a shambles.

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