Date: 9th March 2016 at 8:03am
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This wasn’t supposed to be a depressing piece, but Aston Villa do have their own direct line to the Samaritans thesedays – so here’s something else we can kiss goodbye to for a bit.

With the horror show and self induced season the club find themselves in given the litany of errors, mistakes and a scary inability to learn from previous mistakes or be – as our motto suggests – ‘Prepared’ in any way, shape or form, we all know we are set to lose our Premier League ever present status this year.

But given those years in the branded top flight, we are also one of only nine sides since it’s inception that have reached the magical mark of 300 wins.

The irony that so far in 2015-16 we’ve only managed three sodding wins in the league hasn’t been lost on me.

Anyway, the recent entry to the 300 wins mark was Manchester City and that sparked the Express piece that I have in true media stylie, rehashed this from – but at least I give them a name check!

The fact their entry comes on the back of our hammering against them – well again the irony isn’t lost.

Manchester City took 724 games to reach that tally.

Here’s how everyone else compares in terms of games taken.

Everton – 300 wins (834 games) 330 wins total
Aston Villa – 300 wins (833 games) 316 wins total
Tottenham Hotspur – 300 wins (785 games) 370 wins total
Newcastle – 300 wins (724 games) 319 wins total
Manchester City – 300 wins (724 games) 300 wins total
Liverpool – 300 wins (611 games) 452 wins total
Chelsea – 300 wins (605 games) 484 wins total
Arsenal – 300 wins (566 games) 497 wins total
Manchester United – 300 wins (484 games) 580 wins total

Wish I hadn’t bothered now – especially as even in the rose tinted paper covering 6,6,6 days we still remain the worst performing ever present!

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