Date: 30th April 2006 at 11:21am
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Vital Villa asked, following the resignation of Charlton manager Alan Curbishley, if you would like to see him manage Villa.

18% said yes. 5% a straight no. The majority with 49% said they would like to see Alan Curbishley replace David O’Leary BUT only if the club fail in attracting Martin O’Neill. Lets hope the rumours that O’Neill wants to return to management but remain based in the Midlands are true!

28% of the ‘enlightened ones’ said it will make no difference who manages Villa as long as Ellis is at the helm.

Personally I think it will make a difference but not THE difference. O’Leary has admitted that we have been budgeted to be a top ten side and he did bring in some quality in the summer yet we will finish the season in 16th or 17th place depending on next Sunday’s finale.

IF Ellis stays then we have GOT to have a man motivator and a manager who can bring out the best of the sum total of all the parts. David O’Leary is not that man. With a budget he would do a good job but he won’t get a decent budget and the constant excuses and digs at the fans have worn the patience of many fans very thin. A survey of season ticket holders had 2/3rds saying they won’t renew if David O’Leary remains.

Time will tell. One thing that looks sure is that Alan Curbishley has said he is looking to take a break from the game and doesn’t think he will be managing a team come the kick off for the 2006-2007 season. But if a big club comes knocking, will he really turn his back on the chance?

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10 Replies to “Villa – O’Neill The Preferred Option”

  • Could or would anyone feel able to work with Doug? O’Neil would be an inspired choice as manager. However O’Neil has drive, fire, passion and ambition why would he want to fester at Villa for?

  • Gregory had drive, fire, passion and ambition too but ultimately he failed as he was scared for his job, until he gave in to his fears he was great for Villa. O’Niel would never need to fear for his job as he has already built up a reputation that could

  • Good points Villain, he couldn’t damage his reputation at Villa and long term could be at a club with top prospects as Ellis is on his way out whether we have to endure slightly longer with him or not.

  • O’Neil would be the logical choice i.m.o., but I cannot see him working with Doug. Curbishley, however, might just fit the job and at least get Villa back to where the were when JG left.

  • hes obviuosly made his mind up already and is waitng for the end of the season to announce that he is coming to forest!

  • Wasn’t it the Everly Brothers who sang “Dream, Dream, Dream”…. as if O’Neill – courted by Newcastle (a top 10 club) and England – would go to Villa where the purse strings are tight and the Chairman is an idiot.

  • Or even curbushley. I’d have thought that curbishley had had enough of working on a shoestring and would like to maybe go somewhere that he has some money to spend and work with better players. I think he deserves it.

  • We need to look elsewhere, to a more realistic target. O’Neill and Villa Park is just not a match. The guy doesnt need the hassle and day to day aggravation that goes with the B6 job. He’s proved himself, he doesnt want or need to put his hard earned repu

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