Date: 20th October 2006 at 3:43pm
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Here we go again. An old story re-surfaces because someone at Radio WM doesn’t spend the time getting their facts right.

I did an article a month back about the end of the soap opera Villa, in future any ‘announcements’ will be made via the club, not a newspaper article or radio show. No More Soap Opera Villa

Radio WM this morning made the shock announcement that Villa Park was going to be re-named.

BBC WM’s sports reporter Dan Wheeler says: ‘The chances of a local company being involved look remote. Ever since Randy Lerner replaced Doug Ellis as the Villa owner, speculation on what the American billionaire has planned for the club has been rife. Sources close to Mr Lerner have said the re-naming of Villa Park is on top of their agenda. What sort of company they’re looking at is unclear but whoever wins the auction will be a firm ‘of substance’ with the necessary spending power. Reports of a figure of £120m have been dismissed but the deal could be worth tens of millions of pounds.’

So, just the old story with a new reported price.

The club have been quick to deny the report with a statement saying:

Aston Villa wish to make it clear that rumours surrounding the renaming of Villa Park are completely untrue. Reports this morning suggested the new Board was prepared to sell the re-naming rights of the stadium to the highest bidder, but there is no foundation to any such suggestion.

Phil Mepham told the official site: ‘There is no truth to the rumour whatsoever. The board clearly has plans for the future but these, at all times, will preserve the history of Aston Villa Football Club. ‘There are no discussions regarding the naming rights of the stadium and
any future commercial activity will retain the brand and tradition that has been synonymous with the club throughout three centuries.’

So, that is that then. Not sure about the 3 centuries though?

These stories are just speculation and it does no one any real good. At least now Villa are quicker at communicating and have shown today they will come out and deny such press reports. I truly believe the days of the leaks from Villa Park are over. When Randy Lerner and his merry men have something to say, they’ll say it effectively and truthfully, until then lets not believe the hype!

Anyway, I’m not able to get to the Budweiser Bowl this weekend. WHOOPS!


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  • From the forum (taken from Guardian)
    The sale of naming rights has become an increasingly popular method of raising money for clubs in recent years, with Arsenal one of the most high-profile examples after they sold the Ashburton Grove naming rights to

  • lol and the Doug Ellis stand will be re named the WASSSSSSSSSSSUPPPPPPPPP!!!! STAND OR THE 3 FROGS STAND

  • Slightly off subject: any news about the commemorative share certificates for shareholders who’ve sold to RAL ?

  • viking phil, the sentiment is fine but the flip side of the coin is business logic. I myself am undecided on the right course of action. If the money generated meant we were watching Ronaldinho at Nike Villa Park that is quite a strong argument. Maybe we

  • Last time I looked Villa were still in business. That would cover this century (2000+), last century (1900+) and the previous century (from 1874 I believe). That relates to the comment “through three centuries”. Come on Mr Fear, get with the programme.

  • yeah, just sounds like we’ve been going three centuries, not going in three centuries, what programme, teletubbies is on in it a bit isn’t it?!
    Great post utv-sotc by the way.

  • think you are right silkie and utv, we’ve got to move with the times, we will surely have to be open to new ideas from these guys if we want (and surely we do) to be once again competing in Europe. not saying they should change the name of the stand etc,

  • Sooner or later the re-naming of Villa Park will surely have to happen. No complaints from me when it does. It just makes financial sense.

  • I can’t see that it is a bad thing if it generates more revenue for the club, and somthing trivial like the name of a ground clearly has some potential of generating a significant income!

    Even if the name of the ground was changed all of the fans will

  • The club may not be 300 years old, but it used to feel like the chairman was. Lets not look backwards but be open to all new ideas, we don’t have to try everything but we should at least concider all options. Perhaps those that are afraid of change woul

  • …. how would you feel if you had a friend who supported the dildo sales men from small heath say to you that he was looking forward watching Raul, Ronadinho, Kaka etc at the Budweiser Birmingham Bowl tomorrow? utv-sotc

    That convinced me .

  • We need to move with the times. I’ll be slightly sad to see Villa Park renamed, it was the first footie stadium I went to as a teenager and it’ll always be Villa Park for me and most of us. But as long as it doesn’t get renamed The Long Island Iced Tea Ar

  • If theres a huge outcry from the traditionalists who insist that it remain Villa Park, lets sell the naming rights to the various stands, refreshment areas, stadium entrances, restaurants whatever.

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