Date: 27th March 2010 at 5:24pm
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Just a very brief and measured suggestion.

According to one of our posters (The Real Neil) and his stats book, this is our worst defeat since 1964 when we lost 7-0 to Manchester United.

Ok, to the players and management staff.

You did that, now make reparation.

Pay this weeks wages – which by that stat I think it is fair to say you’ve not earnt – to Acorns.

Every man Jack of you.

That would go some way to show the fans you are sorry for the abjectly disgusting display and show some real decency and understanding, especially to those faithful fans who put so much of their time and effort (not to mention the rip off prices at Stamford Bridge) to cheer you on from start to finish.

Fair comment as far as I can see. Would be surprised to see this polite suggestion slated but then, I’ve been wrong before!