Date: 20th October 2009 at 10:37am
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Slow news day but this did make me laugh – I’m easy to please I guess!

Shaun Custis of The Sun says that Emile Heskey was a ‘text pest’ who sent England manager Fabio Capello ‘into a fury’ for sending a text during the England team meal.

Apparently the ‘striker’ had his phone on his lap against team rules and was texting.

What makes me laugh is a) this made the national press and I suppose b) I’m talking about it so just as bad!

The report says, in a line I think should be straight out of Monty Python: The Italian was so angry he dropped a stainless steel food cover loudly on the floor and the sound reverberated round the room.

REVERBERATED ROUND THE ROOM? Blimey, that must have been frightening for the poor lambs!

The red top report also says Capello has a low tolerance policy, if Heskey breaks the rules again he is out? Oh well, Heskey’s loss – England’s gain?!

You’ve got to laugh!

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