Date: 20th April 2006 at 12:40pm
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According to Aaron Hughes the Aston Villa team are all happy campers.

Press, pundits and fans alike are all whispering about a split in the dressing room, Hughes – a David O’Leary signing from Newcastle – insists that isn’t true:

‘It has been a frustrating season, it’s been up and down. We are as frustrated as everyone else because we know what we are capable of. Everyone expects this club to be finishing higher because of the players we’ve got here. That’s why it’s frustrating for everyone – including myself – that we haven’t done as well as we should have. There have been some days where it hasn’t happened for us, and you scratch your head, and some days when we have been really good.’


‘We’ve had a lot of games this season, especially at home, where we’ve played quite well but haven’t finished team off. let them stay in the game and they’ve gone onto take the points. We have been aware things were being said. There have been rumours that the dressing room is split. But I can assure you we’ve got a strong dressing room, everyone is pulling in the same direction and everyone wants us to do well. What we have got to do is produce the good days more often. Let’s get to the end of the season and finish as high as we can and see how things go in the summer and start afresh for next season.’

Doesn’t go as far as saying all the players are 100% behind the manager though and sources ‘close to the club’ suggest there are more than a few who aren’t impressed with the current set up. Tens of thousands of fans also feel the same way. If the players are fully behind the manager, then we are in more trouble than I first though with the way we’ve played this season…. gulp.


8 Replies to “Villa Players Are Happy Campers?”

  • The team at times this season have certainly not looked like they are playing for the manager, there has been a severe passion shortage, injuries have been bad but there is never an excuse for a player not to give 100% when playing surely?

  • Is it covering the cracks or is it false? You never know, but I feel this could just be a rumour.

  • Agree the fear. We had this at pompey earlier in the season. Our captain said he wasn’t giving 100% for Perrin. What a tósser eh? My pride wouldn’t let me give anything less than my best as a professional. Just reinforces my thoughts that they get paid

  • We’ve all worked for managers who we thought were *******s and ended up just going through the motions. We’ll only find out the truth about what’s going on after DOL has gone. Then players like Hendrie will come out saying what a breath of fresh air it is


  • There’s still NEVER an excuse for not giving 100%. Giving less and your cheating the supporters. Thats a sin in my book.

  • This is the party line from players and management alike. Disapointed with the season, lets finish on a high and then see where we are in the summer. … A high? Right a win V Sunderland ?
    See where we are in the Summer… How many want to or have to lea

  • Its difficult to know exactly what to believe regarding a split dressing room. The way the players all celebrated as one, the goals/the result against Birmingham, would have us believe that all is well within the playing squad, but at other times there ar

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