Date: 1st May 2012 at 2:14pm
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This is insulting.

Shay Given says in The Birmingham Mail that Alex McLeish has the dressing room and is indeed, a ‘fantastic manager`.

Shay, you get paid to be at Villa. WE PAY to watch.

This season start to finish has been an insult to us and OUR club.

If McLeish is a fantastic manager then the players must be totally crap?

‘Does McLeish still have dressing room support? Yes of course he does, he’s a fantastic manager and we’re all right behind him but we’d obviously like results to be better this season.’

It is also strange to hear the above line, it certainly is not what ‘some` say out of the press. It is clearly not true otherwise we`d not be in the position that we are.

I do wish the players would shut the hell up, especially the lecturing idiotic comments from Alan Hutton (thread – Click Here – adult language) whose conduct isn`t exactly one to make him listenable to is it?

Fans don`t need to be told that managers or indeed players are fantastic, we are actually fairly bright. We look at the games, we know the style of football, we see us losing and drawing, we then look at the table and see the likes of Swansea, Norwich and WBA above us and we conclude ‘we aren`t actually very good`.

In other words?

Shut up, get us out of this mess and if you have nothing better to say, sod off. Most fans appear totally fed up to death of this rubbish. Talk on the pitch (which to be fair Given does) and if you can`t walk the walk, leave the talking to the fans who live and breath this club.

Hutton said in The Sun ‘We understand what the fans expect of us. Villa is a massive club. They want to see us up there challenging. But they have obviously sold a lot of big players. We understand where they’re coming from, we’re trying to give our all. You want the fans to get right behind you.’

When aren`t we behind them?

When do they start getting behind us and giving US something back? Like effort? Like desire? Like passion? Hey, like a bloody shot?

I don`t think the fans can be questioned one bit. We have put up with a ridiculous tenth rate managerial appointment, a manager who couldn`t even really hold his own in the average SPL league. We pay good money and watch dross and still turn up in our droves.

I don`t need players telling ME what to do unless they are doing it themselves. They haven`t this season, so why do they feel they can lecture us as to our conduct?

He added, ‘No matter what goes on or what is said outside the team, everyone is 110 per cent behind the manager. We are all fighting for him, fighting for each other and fighting to stay up.’

Behind him with knives no doubt. How about being behind the fans and showing us some respect? If they`d been behind him, there is no way in hell this team of supposed internationals would have embarrassed us so many times this season (and not just since the injuries)

So where is the fight? Blimey, it was too much for our manager the other day to even go on the touchline, apparently it was a chore. (See: A Chore For Alex McLeish.. A Chore For Villa Fans )

Sorry for the rant, I`ve been at too much maybe. I cannot stand halfwits who are paid more in a week than what most of us get in a year telling us what we should think about our Club and how we should conduct ourselves. We`ve been there through thick and thin (thin and thinner?) and know what is acceptable. This season, start to finish, has been far from acceptable.