Date: 25th October 2012 at 2:05pm
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A couple of players have spoken on about the upcoming crunch game v Norwich City.

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Andreas Weimann who I think has been unlucky not to get a look in this season so far, told Paul Brown at that the players are totally up for the match, in fact, he says they ‘can`t wait` for kick off.

Good to know they are chomping at the bit, they should be. As said, for me, I think he`s unlucky not to have got a few chances, he was looking decent last season. This is my problem replacing our own youth players with youth from lower leagues or in this case, Belgium! Competition for places is great, but for that to work, players missing goals need to be replaced at times?

I digress…. And digest as I`ve just had an egg sandwich. Where were we and is anyone still reading?

‘The players can’t wait for the game. We are really relishing it because when you lose you can’t wait for the next match. I think we’ll be banging the dressing room door down to get out there on Saturday. It can’t come quick enough for us. We’re really looking forward to it.”

Hope that is reflected in the game. I don`t think we can say that players aren`t trying at the moment, I guess the question might be if some of them aren`t quite the grade and it is too early to judge that?!

He says they do know they need to turn things around and points out that the only really bad performance was v Everton. Hmmm, sort of agree but I can`t wipe the Southampton capitulation from my mind just yet.

And a call for the 12th man… ‘The fans will be vital in that one too. When you walk out of that tunnel and you see that sea of claret and blue and you hear the noise, it’s an incredible feeling. It gives you an extra lift, no doubt at all. The fans have been amazing this season. Hopefully we can give them something to shout and scream about.’

And Karim El Ahmadi has told Dan Harrison on The Official Site that Villa have been unlucky so far points wise and that they have to start picking up results.

‘We are close to the bottom three but from what I see there is no team we have played against that have destroyed us or are much better than us,’ he said.

Errmm, again, I don`t want to disagree but I thought Everton ripped us apart and could have had double the total and again, Southampton? They were thrashed the week before, they were thrashed the week after but sorry, 4-1 is a thrashing and that is what they did v Villa.

He adds they have to keep their spirits high and that he hopes to be able to show how good a team Villa have this weekend v Norwich.

‘We expect to have more points than now. I think if you see the games, we could have more points by now.”

He also points out in the Express & Star that the team would like to win this game v Norwich for the manager as well.

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So, do you agree, have we been unlucky this season? Hope it is just luck and it changes very quickly!