Date: 2nd May 2007 at 10:11am
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After the brand launch yesterday, Aston Villa have released to the public the design for the new crest that will accompany the club during their push for a return to European glory. Gone are the claret and blue stripes, fragmented lion and indeed the words ‘Aston Villa.’

Most importantly the European Cup star makes an appearance.

The new crest seems to have drawn a mixed reaction from the villa faithful. It’s available on our forum, so have your say!


18 Replies to “Villa Release New Crest”

  • It is growing on me. I think maybe the lion should have been claret (with a gold star) as the gold does seem to fade into the blue but hey. We’ve got it now. It definitely looks better against a claret background.

  • People are never satisfied, are they, PaulG? The fact is that the management played safe and put together something based on a democratic vote. All the moaners can do really is complain about democracy. For my part, after blinking twice I’m OK with it. It’s fresh and Feng Shui would like the lion!

  • its retro and looks good on claret background. blue on claret is good, claret on claret? not noticeable.

  • The majority of the people that are moaning are the ones that never took part in the survey.

  • I took part in the survey and never imagined anything this bad! It really is up there with when Nottingham City Council paid some design company a fortune to come up a a new identity and all they came up with a big fat wonky N!!!!!

  • Okay so maybe i was being too objective there. I feel you can see the american influence in so far as they like their History. You tell by the font style of “Prepared” that it is an older style of text and the general look of it is going back to the 1890’s. I don’t agree with AVFC would really have preferred Aston Villa FC seeing as that is the name of club. The crest shape leaves a lot to be desired too. Very basic and IMHO very boring. I think the old 50’s one had a little more about it. I agree with other comments though that we’ll have to wait and see it on the new Nike shirt

  • what i’m annoyed about is taht our suppossed new slogan is bright future but their is nothing futuristic about it its just really boring as a base i think its good but a few small touches could have made it alot lot lot better. Its asif they started it wnet for lunch and forgot about it. people who say it shouldnt matter what teh badge looks like are just plain wrong. Its one of the first things people and potential new supporters see on web sites and football games such as pro-evo and fifa. Ultimately in the grand scheme of things its winning thats important but i was expecting something special and im sorry but their is nothing special about it. And just because some people didnt vote on the design doesnt mean they cant say its not nice. Potentially anything can be made to look nice doesnt matter if we had a lion or an elephant or a dingo or it says AVFC or Aston Vill FC. the bottom line is its boring and they should have done better.

  • I believe the new board have missed a trick here. Following the consultation, I believe three or four new designs should have been unveiled to the supporters. We should have then had the opportunity to vote on which was the preferred design. It is also going to take getting used to. The old badge was very ‘busy’. This new design is very minimalist. In marketing terms, less is often more. Only time will now tell if it is a good, bad or indifferent. Personally I prefer ‘Aston Villa FC’ and would have liked to see ‘1874’ incorporated into the design.

  • Its absolutely *****e and deserves a total slagging off as far as I’m concerned ! its basic, boring, and simple enough to be drawn by a child. Its ***** ! I’m not happy at all. I voted for the round badge… and the drawing on here was better than this one !

  • I like it. Definitely gets my vote of approval. Fresh and different. We’ll all have our views and opinions, which is good, and obviously how it should be, but realistically how many options were there when re-designing a new club badge? There’s certain guidelines you have to work within, and if you’re going to go the time, trouble, and expense of introducing a new design, then lets make sure that the finished article is sufficiently different to its predecessor.

  • It’s not what I expected, but then it’s not my decision. It’s better than the last one, and I’m very pleased we didn’t go with a round shield. And, of course, I doubt it will be the last one we’ll have.

  • Tis only a badge, what matters is the players wearing it. I am so pleased winging Baros won’t be wearing one!

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