Date: 17th May 2006 at 5:16pm
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Reports today are saying that the Menace of B6 (Doug Ellis) has started yet another cost cutting exercise by releasing the club doctors Phil Bickley and Peter Giddings.

Ellis also played down the hint that there might be money available in January as he said quite bafflingly:

‘A week in Parliament is an hour in football. Things change. We are just watching the market.’

WHAT? Hmmm.

He also shows the extent of his ambition when he admits our budget was to be 10th. TENTH? FFS.

‘But I don’t want you to put that in the headlines that the chairman is worried. For God’s sake. We were 16th, we lost £3million in merit award money because our budget was on 10th, and rather conservatively so. But two years ago we were sixth. I think you will find that next season will be a different scene altogether. Otherwise I wouldn’t stay. I am optimistic. I don’t want to be pessimistic any more.’

I could easily save Villa a whole chunk of money and it wouldn’t take a great deal of doing!

There is one wage that isn’t needed as the person ‘earning’ the money is so far removed from reality that it appears cruel that someone isn’t stepping in to save him from himself. If this was a boxing match, the corner would have thrown in the white towel. So, for a saving of £250 000 per annum, release The Menace of B6! That would no doubt fund 10 or more doctors at Villa Park!


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  • I cant quite grasp what this latest Ellis inspired action is hoping to achieve. I cant see how a football club, any club, let alone a premiership club, can operate minus official club doctors. Will the madness never cease? Are we really in such dire finan

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