Date: 13th October 2009 at 10:26am
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Steve Sidwell has said that Villa play best when they are written off, as many are doing given our next match is against Chelsea.

Speaking on the official site our Ginger Ninja has said that our performance against Manchester City will leave nobody worried about facing Chelsea this weekend and given our response following the Wigan defeat, the fact that most seem to believe we will lose this weekend (really, I hadn’t seen anyone) will see us at our best again.

‘We obviously played really well for long periods and City were like the Red Arrows. It was enjoyable but hard.’

Not sure I’d go that far myself, but hey ho.

‘So far we have held our own against some tough opposition,’ despite our unfortunate losses to Wigan and Blackburn, but Sidders adds:

‘We were frustrated with the manner of those defeats, but maybe they have been blessings in disguise.’

Contrary to popular opinion I still don’t our performance was that good against City. Defensively we were phenomenal, but we were lacking upfront and it was in no way as refined a performance as we are capable of, or that we saw against Liverpool.

So I’m not really sure how the Wigan or Blackburn defeats have changed much in the grand scheme of things other than seeing the return of the own goals and penalties.

Hopefully we’ll see a performance against Chelsea, the ridiculous thing is on our day we should fear nobody as we are more than capable of running a game and dominating but something just hasn’t clicked yet.

Hopefully this weekend will see us return to the football and entertainment we saw from our squad prior to last season.

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