Date: 7th February 2006 at 2:54pm
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We asked, following on from the quotes by Aston Villa manager David O’Leary about fixing up a tougher pre-season, if Villa should enter the Inter-Toto cup.

Seems the vast majority who voted think we should, with 69% saying yes, 12% agreeing but only if we invest in a bigger squad over the summer, and the remaining 19% saying no way jose.

I guess the problem with entering it is if we win and do qualify for Europe. Without a better than average investment in the summer, we will simply stretch an already small (but honest!) squad.

O’Leary looking at a tougher preseason: Click Here


5 Replies to “Villa Should Enter The Inter Toto”

  • What are the rules about entering? Is it the highest-placed team not qualified for Europe that chooses to apply?

  • yep – but two teams can enter from england i think

    Not the best time to do it though in a world cup year, but it would definitely be good craic watching some european footie at VP.


  • Yes, why not enter it again. It was popular with the supporters, we used to pull in some decent crowds. Surely it will be better playing some reasonably decent opposition than coming up against the no hopers we’ve been meeting in our earlier games over in

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