Date: 31st August 2007 at 8:55pm
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Aston Villa have tonight announced the signing of 24 year-old Togolese international midfielder, Moustapha Salifou.

Salifou has signed, from FC Wil for a nominal fee on a one year contract.

The official site state that he played in all three of his country’s group matches in the 2006 World Cup with Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebeyor.

Martin O’Neill said: ‘He has great determination to succeed at this level and may well prove to be an excellent asset.’

Apparently he spent some time on trial with Villa, but I can’t see any facts about that.


42 Replies to “Villa Sign Togolese International”

  • ‘puns’ even… who invented alcohol. Mr Fear, it’s about time a spell checker was introduced to save us from this embarrassment.

  • Who ? From where ? Anybody know anything about him ? I can hardly find any mention of him anywhere on net .

  • I just keep picturing the character from Extra’s with the daft face and wig ‘is he aving a laff’?!? I must admit I wish we would stop this mad spending spree now, we’ll be bust if we carry on bringing in all these top players! :o))

  • Picture of him in the forum, must admit I don’t think I’ll be going out of my way to have an argument with him. The likes of Gareth Barry must be really happy to see the excellent signings made this summer though, certainly signalled our intent that is for sure (no, I’m not being sarcastic, I’ve turned over a new leaf and will be nothing but positive about the excellent transfer window we have enjoyed) :-)))

  • the question is, who’s next????? come on fear, i bet your phone has been ringing tonight, give us some inside info!!!!!!!!

  • my phone has been ringing hot tonight stig, most people saying WHOOOOO? lol. Must admit, it doesn’t matter we’ve not heard of him, just that he turns out good, then everyone will hear about him. Looks solid, that is for sure.

  • I want an FC Wii… i wonder whats more expensive… the console or the wage bill?

    at least it’s another body in… 3 more in 3 hours please

  • Another inspirational signing goes to prove MON has not got a clue about buying quality. Just average good players at best
    I am sure this is not what the board was hoping for when they gave him the cheque book.
    We have got rid of some players only to be replaced by possibly slightly better players. Not one has been a top 6 player What a waste of good money.

  • suppose at 24 and for a nominal fee, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Would have been great to get him (and Harewood) after some real top signing or two but hey ho, lets see what the season brings. Must admit I’m glad the transfer window is all but over, its been agony, now lets get back to the football!!!

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