Date: 29th June 2009 at 2:56pm
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Milly has revealed today that the settled nature of B6 thesedays has helped him improve as a player.

Speaking on the official site, Milly loves the fact he is now at a harmonious club with no manager merry-go-round or takeover talks looming over playing matters, and contradicts many fans views that players don’t actually get embroiled in the off pitch antics of their employers.

‘Has the move helped me to progress? Massively. It’s not easy when there’s always talk of your manager getting sacked and turmoil at the club and off the field problems.

‘It doesn’t help you get on with your football so obviously it was a good move for me.’

Speaking more about Villa and last season, than his time at the Barcodes, he adds:

‘The club is set up very, very well, the owner, the manager, things like that and we had a good season.

‘We ran out of steam a little bit at the end but we’ll be raring to go this season and I’m lucky to be playing with quality players, and working with quality staff who have a lot of knowledge.’

Easy disagree with the ‘ran out of steam a little bit,’ it’s probably more appropriate to say we ran out coal fullstop come February time but we have obviously seen the advantages already of a stable club.

We often talk about managers, one of them was in the press the other day, who managed to finished 6th before ending up on the scrap pile – Monny has managed it two seasons in a row and with some good investment in the summer and a bit of luck we should be able to push on from there like we did at the beginning of last season, BUT this time make a better effort at keeping ourselves high whilst competing on other fronts.


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  • Very encouraging words from our young star. As has been proven by Man Utd, Arsenal and Everton, stability at all levels of the club is critical to success….. I knew there wouldn’t be any comments on this article, because it’s one of our most talented and intelligent young players simply stating the obvious. The moaner brigade can’t possibly have anything to add here….. 🙂

  • Couldn’t agree more gm. The moaners would have you believe that this summer is make or break for M’ON, or worse still, he should have gone already. It is hard for them to argue when it is the actual players who are praising the stability in the club and identifying it as the way forward. No doubt though the moaners will be on another forum trying to convince any other like minded, brainless numpty, that they know more than people who are actually good enough to make a living from the game.

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