Date: 7th September 2006 at 11:39am
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Tyler Villa asked whether we should re-name the Doug Ellis stand following his article: Doug Ellis Stand Should Remain?

Looks like his idea of keeping the stand name the Doug Ellis Stand (sic) hasn’t met with much approval with just 3% saying keep it for history and 5% saying they liked Doug Ellis and should keep the stand name the same.

57% said the stand should revert back to the Witton Lane Stand and a further 26% just said a straight yes, it should be renamed.

5% said the stand should be renamed for sponsorship only and 4% wanted it renamed after a Villa player or manager.

No Fear stand then? 🙁


32 Replies to “Villa Stand HAS To Be Renamed”

  • If Mr Lerner gets his 100mil sponsorship then the whole stadium will be renamed and down will come Doug. As far as I am concerned DE stand will alwys be the Witton Lane Stand and VP will always be VP. I say brilliant if we get 100mil

  • anything but the de stand would do something appropriate for our great club and if name is sponsered and brings in money bring it on, i know a lot of fans who will not sit in this stand purely because of the name and by far the quietest stand so we need t

  • stands should be there to honour great people in the clubs history not senile old gits with massive egos who have halted the clubs progress for years… sure randy already has plans to change it

  • The name Ellis should be removed from Villa Park where ever poosible. If there can be sponsorship all well and good, otherwise back to Witton Lane. I would not sit in it with the name Ellis hanging on it, that’s for sure.

  • Hw long is this stupid saga going on for.? Surely there are more important things to discuss like – “Do fans want to move to a new stadium or increase the capacity at VP to 60,000 in readiness for when we are a Top4 Club again, competing in Europe every s

  • I think we are over reacting to doug and using him as a scapegoat. Surely people can see that he did some good for us over the years and for pure passion and willingness to try for so long he deserves some recognition despite his ultimate failures

  • He named the stand after himself, regardless of what the club said at the time. He is the only man alive that ever believed he deserved such an honour. He didn’t, and the sooner the stand is renamed the better. End of.

  • You should only name stand’s after legends of the club if you are going to name them after someone. What about Luc Nilis???

  • I’m with villacross on this one. First build a team worthy of the name Aston Villa and then think about how to accomodate a larger audience.

  • Has to revert to officially being called The Witton Lane Stand. Ellis’ name should be removed, purely because it causes so much anger and resentment amongst supporters. Naming it the DE Stand was a huge mistake, and I would imagine that in retrospect the

  • To be honest i am amazed by some of the comments on here about his name being completly removed from anything and everything Aston Villa! Dont get me wrong the takeover is the best possible thing to happen to the club, but without Doug Ellis this club wou

  • lol, i seriously dont know why everyone hates him, as he has done a lot for the club, has he been funding the blues on the secret, or paying refs to give penalties to the opposition? If so i may happily change my opinion, but as it stands i cant see why h

  • AVFC – How much of his own money did DE invest? It seems to me that DE wasn’t living in symbiotic relationship with the club – rather he was a parrasite – sucking the club dry of ambition, direction and hope whilst earning vast sums of money for himself –

  • If you wanted to make money you wouldn’t invest it into a football club, the amount of money he has made from aston villa is reasonably small considering alternative methods of investment. Although i do agree the club did seem to have little ambition, i d

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