Date: 10th June 2007 at 4:59pm
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Scotland manager Alex McLeish is trying to persuade Villa striker Gabriel Agbonlahor to team up with fellow Villan Shaun Maloney and play international football for Scotland.

20-year-old Gabby can play for England, Nigeria or Scotland and has recently missed out on the England U21 squad to play in the UEFA Under-21 Championships due to a cock up with communications between Stuart Pearce, Martin O’Neill and the young striker.

Former Villa coach Roy Aitken is also part of McLeish’s coaching team (and the main reason I’m mentioning that is I’ve an unused image of him, so hey ho, lets give it an outing!) so he has been able to advise as to the skills of our Gabby.

Aitken, who was number two to David O’Dearme told the Sunday Post:

‘It’s part of my job working for Scotland but based in England to keep up to date with things. I speak to club managers all the time concerning players eligible to play for Scotland. Gabriel certainly comes into that category, as does James Morrison at Middlesbrough, despite being born in Darlington.’


19 Replies to “Villa Striker A Jock?”

  • he’s not doing too bad for himself since leaving the villa is he?
    Personally i think Gabby should go and play for Scotland, i dont think he will get into the england set up and lets face it playing for scotland has got to be better than playing for nigeria even though there are some prats on vitalceltic who support Scotland!!!

  • never sure these days, with political correctness going mad, is it still ok to say Jock?!??!

  • Can’t do him any harm having the interest from Scotland. Might make McClaren look up and swoop too.

  • I can see this happening although Gabby has shown some promise this past season and maybe would be wise to see what he does next season before committing either way

  • Depends on the lads confidence, if he has the belief he should have, then he needs to think who he wants to play for, not who he thinks he will be able to play for.

  • Can you imagine after a summer away on int’ duty, him coming back with scotch twang mixed in with erdington? Do it lad, got more chance of glory north the border these days. sad.

  • Do it Gabby,England don`t pick Villa players and you`ll look quality in that team without all the pressure and bullsh@t associated with England.

  • Stay for England i reckon, if he still has his pace in 5 years time the new england manager wont be able to overlook him.

  • With maloney there and gabby if he choices them and gordan and naismith who could join the villa regime i dont see why not hell have a lot of friends and i dont see him playing for england yet as we have nugent owen bent johnson rooney ashton defore and even walcot ahead of him ad there all youthful except from own and i think ashton is fairly old but i dont know he would walk straite into the scotland team does he want to compete for places or walk straight in???

  • surely gabby has an england future in a few years time if he keeps progressing the way he has been but saying that look at barry playing out of his skin this year for us and still getting over-looked for his country which i still find absolutely amazing to say the least,dont start me on that! UTV

  • My vote goes for Scotland as a sensible option too. He will end up with an International career that is unlikely with England. Although Scotland have not done much lately, they have the potential to start qualifying for competitions again.

  • Sorry Belfast but you gotta agree with Stennyvilla-England will still be picking Michael Owen because of goals he scored 10 years ago!!!!

  • People give up nationalities these days – if Gabby truly considers himself to be English, can he really go out there and give 100% for the socks? I say back yourself Gabby….you are English, and nothing will give you more pride than pulling on that England shirt and giving your all….the team needs a few more like you at the moment – hungry and playing football for the love of it…hopefully not just for the money and celebrity that comes with it.

  • I agree with yatesy. My father was Irish, my Grandmother Welsh. I was born, raised, educated and pay my taxes in England. That makes me an Englishman. I would rather rip off my knackers with a rusty pair of pliers than play for Wales. It would be the same if your parents were Asian imho opinion. If they were born in India but you were born, raised, educated and pay your taxes in England, then you would be English, irrelevant of the colour of your skin. I was listening to Ian Wright the other day and he was saying that his parents are Jamaican, but that he is an Englishman and his skin colour is not a deciding factor. Gabi, you have scored more goals in the last three months than Owen has in almost two years, so bag yourself more than Owen this season and the call will surely come. Your destiny is in your hands. With St George in my heart …….. and alll that!!!!

  • Well written voth. The system is totally screwed when it allows players of one nationality to pick and choose who they play for on the international stage, based on the most obscure of connections to other countries. Gabby, you’re English, nothing can or will ever change that.

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