Date: 25th July 2012 at 8:36pm
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Villa’s new Macron home kit has been voted the ‘most stylish’ in the Premier League. What was that about a new dawn under Paul Lambert?

Zoo Magazine asked fashion expert Maaike Dijkstra to make a decision on this season’s top 20 home strips, and our came out on top with a 10/10 and the quote ‘classic edge!’.

I think that’s meant to be good for those who don’t travel in those circles!

Speaking to the magazine, Dijkstra said.

‘This is my favourite of them all! I love the classic claret and blue and with an on-trend contrast sleeve and collar that adds a smart edge, what’s not to like about it?’

I completely agree, even if this blue sky thinking hasn’t quite pushed the envelope far enough into the postbox for me to have the ideal idea shower necessary to sprinkle the appropiate magic for blue sea understand to take place.

Okay, maybe I took that a little far!

Zoo Editor Damien McSorley added that although he couldn’t guarantee it would help Paul Lambert’s boys on the pitch, ‘at least Villa have won the first major plaudit of the season!’.

I’m not alone in hoping it won’t be the last either. Jonathan Calderwood will again be gunning for Groundsman of the Year, VMF and our pie challenges will be going strong…who knows, maybe we can add a cup to our off pitch successes!

Quotes from the Official Site.


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17 Replies to “Villa Stylish? Oh Yes!”

  • I got it today… bit annoyed with myself. Got XL same as the Nike kits and it is too tight! Should have tried it on before I got ‘Petrov 19’ on the back. Barlarks. Nice kit though.

  • I still dont like the feeling that Social Services are looking over both my shoulders. Be honest it looks like an SS logo and frankly its the s******t logo ever and why is it all over our kit like a rash. Also – the crest was redesigned by Nike to go with their style of shirt and it hasnt transferred to the Makro style – an embroidered lion a la early 70s would have been a lot better, seeing as thats the era they have nodded to.

    Apart from that, its crap. Some nice ideas but none of them well executed.

  • I’m pretty sure Nike had nothing to do with the crest re-design. Fairly sure an independent design company did it.

  • The current Villa crest? Awful. The 81/82 Lion Rampant was a classic design. Lots of claret and a circle. Villa aren’t the only club to trash their heritage. Compare the current Ajax and Arsenal crests to their former incarnations. The England rugby union ‘rose’ is another example. The chelskov lion rampant is a good example of how it should be done. Much better than the Ken Bates era design. Hopefully, the Villa lion will really ‘roar’ in the near future.

  • i cannot believe villa fans will ever find happyness. our shirt wins best/most stylish shirt this season (a nice compliment) and people still moan about it. next year maybe we should sack all designers and have the fans design it, but then everone who enters and doesnt win wont like it. football evolves, players evolve and yes fashion evolves. this to me has to go down with the people that moan we paid too much for someone who only scores goals (the whole aim of the game). what next people complain that the food is too good at vmf or the pitch is too good at villa park. if its hot its too hot, if its cold its too cold. oh for a good old british moan.

  • Not too bothered about the shirt. It’s claret and blue and that’s all that matters. Look at Arsenal. Their red and white strip is becoming more ‘red’ every year. Are they trying to get more ‘fans’ in Asia a la Cardiff City? The crest is important as it’s the club symbol. The current one at Villa is naff. The Euro 82 silver star is silly. As for Zoo, they are a mid-shelf ‘J. Arthur Rank’ mag. Who gives a monkeys cuss about anything printed in their sleazy pages.

  • Even if it wasnt Nike who redesigned the badge, it did go with the Nike style of shirt. Look, its not the worst shirt weve ever had, but Makros logo is definitely the naffest and its EVERYWHERE on the shirt. But most of all – dependent on how the shirt deals work for us – these shirts will hypothetically sell less than a Nike shirt in a global market where we now need to operate to stay competitive. Aside from enlarging the stadium to 50-55k (we will NEVER move from Aston Park, I will personally take up arms if anyone ever suggests it) the kit is one of the major ways to drive new income – and awareness for that matter. I also believe that you prejudice your shirt sponsor negotiating power with an inferior brand….and incidentally why cant we negotiate one of those that lasts for more than two years with a company that anyone has heard of ?

    For me the Makro shirt was a step back.

  • The new crest was chosen following a fan vote, it was everywhere so everyone had their chance to have their say. It had nothing to do with any shirt manufacturer and the crest needed changing because it held no copyright.

  • thats great – and it went with the Nike strips (bonus!) – even though it sounds like it was driven more by copyright protection than anything. But it still does not go with the Makro – period.

    For me its a shame that Lacoste dont do football shirts.

  • Randy had the final say on the crest and the tattoo to go with it. It was voted on by fans but out of a selection of all crap designs anyway. And how do we know which fans voted and that they weren’t blue noses similarly to some polls on here being hijacked. Randy chose it, simple. As said above, it’s rubbish, bring back the lion in the circle. Classic. And we’ve not won anything. This is just 1 person’s opinion about the kit.

  • It was an open poll mate so you could see exactly the numbers who voted for that design over the others, of course Randy had the final say on the choices for the vote, but the vote chose the badge. From memory there was only one crap one, but the club must be in a good state if this is all you can bitch about 🙂

    ps it’s was the clubs own (registered) voting site that they still use, that helps to form the fan database, it wasn’t anonymous voting.

    Again, can’t, copyright issues, that’s why we needed a brand new badge fullstop. Nothing wrong with it anyway, the new one is clean, appropriate, and yes whilst I prefer the circular one myself, there’s nothing wrong with the current one.

    Don’t get why people are saying it doesn’t go with the shirt? Admittedly it looks a little weird on the lime jobbie, but any badge would look weird on that colour lol

  • If you don’t like the crest then get your pals and write to Randy, if he doesn’t listen then start moaning.

  • LOL Mike, the club is indeed looking better by the week. (bah humbug.) I don’t mind the new kit although haven’t invested so not seen the close ups which some aren’t happy with. Do like the away kit and colour but the badge has hardly got any claret in and still looks like a cartoon cat juggling a hot star. We want a fierce lion on striking colours, not prancing about on baby blue. I’m convinced that this was Randy’s favourite regardless of what everyone else thought and it’s his prerogative especially if he’s getting the tattoo. We can write and moan all we want Green but as proven with Eck, Randy won’t listen….

  • Thought you’d like that 444 lol Like the traditional aspect of the home, still not convinced with the lime though. Then again I’m still in love with our blue and black away. Do agree though, the more traditional lion would’ve worked better.

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