Date: 12th May 2006 at 3:16pm
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So, according to reports, the summer sales have started at Aston Villa.

It is suggested that Lee Hendrie is available for just £1million. Yes, I did say just £1million. So we sell this 28-year-old midfielder for a mill. Then what? Who do we replace him with? I’m in no way his biggest fan, but he is experienced and can do a job. Maybe Villa should consider who they can replace any of the players with before allowing them to leave or is that too easy a way to do business?!

Say we sell Jumper Jumper for £500k, Berson £2 million and Hendrie for £1million. That gives us enough to sign James Milner from Newcastle United and leaves just £500 000 to replace Hendrie. HOW? The squad is already wafer thin but Doug is insisting on a sell before you buy policy. I wish he would run a SELL your stake in the club and sod off policy.

Other players rumoured to be on the summer clearout list, bearing in mind we have been told quite rightly that the squad is too small all season and yet we are here talking about more sales, include Mathieu Berson, Djemba-Djemba, De La Cruz, Juan Pablo Angel, Peter Whittingham Jlloyd Samuel and whoever else Doug can hock to get himself out of the pathetic position he has forced the club into. And out of the quality players, who will actually WANT to stay? Why would Mellberg want to return after the World Cup? What would Barry think should an ambitious club bid for him? We already know the board have put all their hopes on Milan Baros leaving, hence the ‘get out clause’ was leaked.

Reports suggest that there are two Premiership clubs interested in Hendrie. For a million I bloody bet they are. Southampton and Leeds have also been linked and don’t be surprised to see Glen Hoddle at Wolves to follow up his interest.

According to one report today Villa want:

£2m-£3m for Angel, £3m for Samuel, £750,000 for Djemba-Djemba and Berson (although other reports say anything from £1-2 million) and £500,000 for Whittingham.

Could be a very interesting summer, so hold on to your hats as this could be a bumpy ride!


8 Replies to “Villa Summer Sales Set To Begin?”

  • 8-10 million to replace all of those?

    Surely all we’ll get is similar or lesser (much lesser) quality.

  • Can’t understand why we don’t add Hercules and Bella to the squad to be honest, also Doris the tea lady would do a decent job as left back in the changing room.

  • If 2 out of the 3 promoted clubs have good premiership seasons next season, then that would push villa further down the pecking order and probably into the relegation places. I certainly cant see us improving on this seasons performance….can you?

  • Since we don’t need to sell Hendrie why are we offering bargain basement prices? Pick a number that would be good for the club, 3-4m and then if there are any takers we’ll sell him. Everyone else does it. Can you imagine Fulham selling Steed for 1m, just

  • Just read that Wigan have rejected a 3m offer for Chimbonda. They want six. They don’t need to sell him so they are waiting for a big offer. Take note Doug.

  • Do I get a feeling Villa fans are a tad upset about the way the club is run at the moment?

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