Date: 16th April 2009 at 8:50am
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Villa Summertime!

Not sure about everyone else but I feel that this season, whatever its conclusion may be, has given us Villans a lot to be proud of. Maybe we will miss out on Champions league qualification, and that would be a great shame after all of our efforts, but we have given it a bloody good go, and will hopefully continue to do so.

Now the only thing we must do is not allow our season of good work to go to waste over the summer. We have to make signings which will improve us as a team, and perhaps even more importantly, a squad. Our first team is pretty good, perhaps lacking in quality in a couple of areas, our squad however has shown that it is not strong enough to compete over a long long season. Now the question in who would best be able to strengthen our side is thankfully not up to me, it is up to our leader, one Martin O’Neill. I would however like to venture a few suggestions. 🙂

Firstly as highly as I rate young Gabby, he is not a machine, he can not play full tilt for an entire season. We need a front line striker who will score goals, at a reasonable price, simple as that! Easier said than done.

However one player who would come for about £10 000 000 is Darren Bent. Yes he would be a Spurs reject, but he is also a young striker who is a proven goal scorer, not a common beast. A good shout I feel. Other than him I feel we would be able to look at someone along the lines of Owen, again a proven goal scorer who would come relatively cheap, he is however old, and more worryingly has an injury record which, if he were a racehorse would have seen him shot a LONG time ago. Other than him I feel we would be looking abroad.

Another area I feel we need to improve, especially if we lost Barry, is a midfielder with some creative ability. We have looked distinctly average when we have been asked to unlock a team which has sat back and for that reason we need a playmaker. I have heard players such as Tom Huddlestone and Jermaine Jenas. Both of these are of course Spurs rejects, and it would take some severe nerve to pick up rejects and bite the bullet of ridicule from the Spud’s, however both of these players do possess some ability, Jenas especially. Would either of these players strengthen our side!? I would argue no, even without Barry’s services.

One player suggested who would interest me is Stephen Defour, a young player who looks to be blessed with great ability. A risk, yes. However I would argue a pretty good risk, and a player who would greatly interest me! Again other than these 3 candidates I am struggling for realistic candidates, so feel free to venture an idea!

The final area which I would suggest we need players is on defense. Both at full back, and secondly a quality centre half, especially if Laursen is unable to regain the fitness which allowed him to be arguably the best defender in the league. At full back unless we could poach either Lescott or Baines from Everton I am struggling for answers.

At centre half I have heard Upson, who would be a good shout, or even (again another steal from Blue Scouse) Phil Jagielka or perhaps Hangeland from Fulham, to replace Laursen’s aerial dominance. I feel these are some of the best bets. In my opinion we must strengthen our first team, which should in turn lend depth to the squad. Couple this with the development of some of our promising youngsters I feel this would allow us another decent run at the Champions league, and perhaps (if O’Neill finds them worthy! :D) a cup run.

Not a bad few months of business if many of them come true. Hopefully these signings will be showcasing their talents on a Champions League stage after a barnstorming end to the season, but either way, here’s to the Villa Summertime!! :o)




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  • We have a decent left-back……if he can get himself fit. Persoanally I think Shorey is doing a good job, it’s just a pitty it took him so long to settle but he’s here now and doing a good job. With Bouma fit I see cover/competition for RB as being far more important.

  • Shorey’s return to the team (along with Heskey’s absense) seems to be a major factor in our improved performances recently. I am dreading the summer with tens of thousands of links to supposed possible signings to then end up with Spuds or Westaaaam rejects or more than likely noone. I think that Villa’s scouts have the best job in the world because I assume they get paid quite well, get to do a lot of travelling, but don’t actually do anything apart from state the obvious. ie. Bosingwa and Miguel are very good fullbacks. These types of players are obviously well out of our reach until/if we qualify for the Champs league. Hopefully now that the euphoria of Randy taking over has quietened down a bit we will get a few more realistic links and actually have a squad which is rotatable (something that MON has yet to grasp in the new era) and is capable of winning whoever takes the field and would also enable our team to last a whole season instead of hitting the wall in January.

  • If its a right back that you are looking for , i would think hutton will be yours if you put in a decent Bid. Corluka seems to be playing well and harry thinks chimbonda and gunter would be enough cover.

  • Spuds seem to be the “second hand car dealers” of the premiership where they have bought a load of players with no intention of playing them and then try to get the best price for them. Although in fairness to ‘Arry and his invisible headphones (who always seems to be listenening to R’n’B the way he twitches his head) he didn’t buy any of the rejects. Luke Young has been MR. Reliable all season and one of MON’s best buys by far.

  • Wes Brown, right back cover and central defender, all in one. Vast experience, decent player, if a little booking happy, wierd ginger hair to help Sidwell settle in a bit better. He’s the all round package.
    Personally, I’d like to see us get a real creator in if/when Barry goes. Somebody who can pull strings from the centre of the park. I’d like to see us take a cheeky punt on Fabian Delph from Leeds, can play as a striker alongside Gabby/Carew, or in the hole just off one or both of them.

  • I’m up for a bit of Wes, he was having a good season until his injury. I can see us getting him as well.

  • Here are my suggestions, we need 6 players to compete next season, another right back, top quality centre half competition for young and milner and top drawer centre 4ward, with only letting Harewood leave.
    I would go 4 Richards at right back to compete with young, also cover 4 centre half, Downing and Bentley to compete with Milner and Ashley, Owen or Bent or both 4 Centre forward, Defour 4 a creative Centre Midfield. But the hardest one is who 4 Cenre half, oh and Barry Must stay at all costs.

  • Agree we need cover at right back and we definately need a leader at the back to help Davies, Upson might be the answer but not convinced. Also intrigues me why at well over 6ft none of our centre halves but Laursen can score from corners, heart, desire and willingness to attack a ball?
    In midfield I think we need guile, Joe Cole would be great but unlikely to be available so i suspect that we need to look at the fringes of the bigger European squads.
    As for up front an out and out poacher is needed but they tend to be few and far between. Bent could be good if Spuds will sell, Doyle would be worth a look especially if Reading blow it and don’t come up or as a cheeky outsider what about Forlan who seems to have found his scoring boots in spain

  • I don’t think we can look at the fellow Premiership teams to strengthen. Would Everton really sell Jagielka , Lescott or Baines ? I bet if you look at Everton / Spurs sites they are talking about buying Gabby or Ash , and we won’t sell our star players. We should look at Manure / Chelski / Arse/ Redscouce fringe players , Championship stars, relegated teams (thinking of Santa Cruz if Blackburn go down) or abroad for our signings. I don’t think that the likes of Bentley would improve us as a team.
    We need another Melberg / Laursen type of signing , rather than Routledge , Harewood , Shorey etc.

  • I think we are OK for keepers. Maybe Hart for Friedel but I think he will go with what we have. We need cover for right back, playing LY out of position and then having a midfielder or centre half at RB has been the strangest of M’ONS tactical plans this season. My preference would be Micah Richards. I would go with the 4 centre halfs we have providing that Laursen is likely to recover (although I hear from good sources that he may have played his last game for us, or anybody for that matter. Hope my sources are proved wrong). I think Shorey and Bouma are both capable full backs. In midfield (assuming IF Barry stays) Barry, Petrov, Sidwell, Gardner and Okey Cokey should be good enough for the positions available providing there is 1 addition of the quality of Petrov or Barry. We are though short of cover for both Milner and Ashley Young. Equally a front 4 of Carew, Heskey, Gabby and Delfonsou should be a great provided that we boost that by another one. Personally I would push the boat out for Downing as support for Ashley Young. Not as a replacement but so that they both get equal amount of playing time/rest so as to optimise their performance. I would even take a chance on Michael Owen up front and tell him that he will be used sparingly so as to maximise the time he plays and reduce his risk of the injuries that he has suffered over the last 3 years. I also agree that Bent would add good strength to the front line options. I am not sure about who we should get as support/cover for Milner though. We need then to off load Salifou, Harewood and Osbourne. These changes would give us a balanced squad of two players for every position. In the event of 2 players for the one position being injured then simply play one of the youngsters. a squad of 24 players + promising kids should be more than enough for a season inlcluding a European run and should prevent the situation that occured in Moscow. I think stability is vital but there needs to be refreshment and improvement. We need to develop not to rebuild. However it doesn’t really matter who we get if the formations are not suited to the players or if you change 3 of the back line just because 1 player is injured. Simple this management lark.

  • some good names there .just one drawback where is all the cach comeing from dream on lads

  • personally i would go for Downing on the left although moneybag spuds would probably outbid us, switch Ash to the right and use Milner in the middle if Barry goes with Petrov holding. Huddlestone is a presence but is still developing and im not convinced by Jenus. I would defo take a punt on D Bent (goal machine), Wes Brown(experienced) and Hangeland (towering presence). All would be fairly cheap and well within our budget. Santa cruz is too expensive and would go man city before us and Owen bores me to tears nowadays. Upson would be ok but i think we could do better. Defour sounds quite exciting but MON wont pay the 15m.

  • One match ban, I would be inclined to believe that we have some money available. Lerner has always given O’Neill financial support for transfer windows, why would he not this summer? Joe Cole would be a great shout, if perhaps very unlikely. Quality cover for every position would be fantastic. But surely not many players of real quality a’la Stuart Downing (sccording to some!!) would come to sit on the bench. Or is that just me?

  • Joe Hart, Gary Cahill or Lescott, Stuart Downing & Steven Dafour, Darren Bent. £30 million all in that should see us right.

  • Could perhaps get away with Jo Cole or Downing as a wide player, and then interchange Ash, Milner and Cole/Downing – keeping them all keen, mean and match fit. Owen or Bent to supplement current 4 forwards would be cool plus a right back of quality. Those options should allow us to push on, as long as the manager learns to rotate.

  • I would love Joe Cole, but unfortunately I think the fact that he’s a London boy makes that very unlikely. Cahill is a good young player, but we’ve already seen once that he is unwilling to sit on the bench, and I think that if he returned he would be 4th choice behind Davies, Cuellar and our very own Great Dane, so again unlikely.

  • huddlestone??? lets set our sights high at least until the window opens.
    With regards the defence, lets face it our current crop of centre backs are not up to scratch with the obvious exception of ML but he looks unlikely to play again and certainly not routinely. The names suggested for centre back additions are interesting but, and it may be strange to say, I don’t think we need young talent in this position we need experience, leadership, organisation and bottle. Bit of a carthorse but Morgan at Sheff Utd type of player.


    Maybe Sidwell might look elsewhere too. It’s a shame he has been dropped coz we were winning with him in the team. Would love to see us get rid of Heskey but thats a personal dream. Could see Reo coker going too, he’s wasted at us to be fair to him.

    Possible ins:

    DEFOUR – my number one target, pay the £15m mon he would be worth it, Fellaini was expensive for Everton but has been great for them.
    RICHARDS – Had another ***** one for man city last night, maybe we could get him back into shape. Hope so.
    STURRIDGE – Would rather this guy than owen or Bent, looks bright every time he plays for city, hes a Birmingham lad and could see him doing well for us.
    DELPH – Not too convinced, looks great on league two but then so do the whole Leicester team. he would be a good little buy as future prospect but if we shell out £6m for him and not £15m for Defour then that would just be silly.
    HANGELAND – For me this is a MUST buy at all costs. Looks settled in the prem after first full season. I was routing for us to get him before Fulham did as we were linked with him in the summer of 2007. Instead we got Zat knight. This guy is great and we should snap him up before them gooners do.
    STEPHEN TAYLOR – If Newcastle go down. Maybe?
    BAINES – Long shot.
    DE LA RED – Can see us being linked again all summer, without much joy i predict.
    JOE COLE – Dreams can come true, but probably actually wont at all.
    LESCOTT – Would be great signing but why on earth would Everton let him go? No chance.
    DOWNING – Straight to Spurs
    JENAS – Good buy, could blend in with our forward line pretty well.

    At the end of the day I don’t even know why I’m posting this message coz he whole thought of a transfer market is stressing me out. I hate this time of year. Who knows what will happen, its impossible to call with MON and more often than not the players you really want go elsewhere so I’m going to try and not get my hopes up. I hope we keep hold of Carew and Petrov. Not too fussed about Barry, he’s been quality but Defour and maybe Jenas could fill that hole, also it would be a great test of the character of our team. Also Barry isn’t captain material, Laursen was so much more influential. Heres to a whole summer of reloading news now every ****ing 5 minutes!

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