Date: 15th June 2008 at 10:37am
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The Best Overseas Ownership In The Country

There are some Villa supporters around who seem to take glee in finding fault in the communications that come out of the General’s keyboard. The main point they make is that the General’s responses are sometimes (effectively) peurile and not respecting the normal Villa fan’s intelligence.

There has been some assertion that the General’s function on the forums is really a one-way affair, and that the set up is made to look as though it’s just to keep the fans happy.

You know, if people want to believe that in their world of dreams that’s fine, but to make it an issue in a wider circle then firstly you have to get closer to the source of the issue concerned. Go and meet Randy and/or the General and see from first hand how sincere they are. Until the back-stabbers have done that then they’re pontificating with hot air – and, worse, trying to undermine the nature of what’s taking place at VP.

Clearly, the club ownership have tried to engage with the supporters, and to do that they invited advice on their approach, and I believe Jonathan Fear contributed to that. Therefore there’s that and a number of ways in which there is on-going chat with supporters and others and if something does become apparent that’s needed in the club, I’ve noted an ability and keenness to do something about it.

So I see a lot of positives in Randy Lerner’s approach, and given that kind of openness I just think it utterly absurd (and in bad taste) that there should be the kind of cynicism that comes out of some corners. Perhaps some supporters might not realise that hospitality is a big thing amongst a majority in the States. Well, Randy and his entourage are to some extent guests in this country – we should respect them partly because of that, as well as for what they’ve taken on and are doing. I have worked with Americans and found them generally to be a good crowd to work with and for – and a big positive I found was that if you showed some ability in the initiative stakes, then they would back you.

As far as the game and the players are concerned, then the responsibility of how things are done lies mainly with the manager and the General has spoken about the situation as I would expect Americans to speak. They see his ability and are willing to back him, *not* support criticism of him.

I do not suggest that everything that’s happening and has happened has been perfect, but, d’yer know what? It’s been a bloody miracle coaster ride! … And it’s barely started. If they have a fault, then it’s maybe they’re not yet used to the Villa supporters’ mindset. I’m not sure if anyone not from Brum can get used to that! lol.

Constructive criticism is OK by me. Not otherwise. The ownership of this club deserves much better treatment.