Date: 6th May 2009 at 4:23pm
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James Milly Milner has said that this seasons Top 4 challenge was a sharp learning curve for the younger players, but having had that experience we should be better prepared for our next campaign.

Speaking on the official site today, Milner said having experienced the ‘relentless pressure’ of competing for a Champions League place this season, our young lions will be better prepared as we head into next season.

‘It has been a poor run and we know we should have done better but it’s about what you take from them and how you bounce back.

‘That is how you learn and that’s what happens when you’ve got younger players who perhaps haven’t been in that position in the league before.

‘If we are in the same position next year with 10 games to go, hopefully we’ll see it through and go one better.

‘But it’s very rare you’ll find a team that goes through a season without having a dip in form.

‘It’s about how you recover from that and we had a spell where we weren’t putting in good enough performances but since Manchester United we’ve come away and had some good performances.’

It’s true to say that many lessons have been learnt this season and our younger players should definitely be better prepared next time round.

Whether next season we are in a position to make a better claim for the Top 4, or infact stay there this time if we get there, is open for debate.

It’s been a bumpy ride so far, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


3 Replies to “Villa To Be Better Prepared”

  • Young players blew it quote??

    Strange these young players, how many were regulars during that time, I wonder.

    Lets see, Milner, yes, sometimes, Davies, at 24 suppose so, Ashley, certainly and of course Mr ever present, who many fans want resting Gabby.

    Well that’s 4 hmmm.

    Nice idea poorly executed. Sums Milners season up for me.

  • They are all younger than me, and none have been in that position before, or at least remind me if any have been. Why knock the comments? Apart from money bags Chelskie the other managers have been there, and building, for years. Do you actually enjoy football?

  • So Milner has to go, along with MON, avfc – who else do you dislike? Can we have a full list so that we know who to get rid of? And do you still want Klinsmann as our manager now that Bayer have dumped him?

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