Date: 30th March 2007 at 4:10pm
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Oh good grief. I hope this isn’t the kiss of death. In fact, it could be a double kiss of death.

Mark Lawrenson has tipped Villa to beat Everton on Monday night.

The BBC pundit said: ‘Villa have been playing quite well without having picked up the points they have perhaps deserved. Couple that with the fact that Everton’s record at Villa Park hasn’t been too hot of late and I’ve got this down as a home win.’ Prediction: 2-0

Mystic Mug is also backing the Villa boys with a 2-0, both from John Carew! With just 2 wins in 19 games, Villa need the points on the board to stop us looking over our shoulders!

I think I might back myself to have a chicken pie, once baltied, never repeated as they don’t say.

Gareth Barry, Villa captain and all round good egg, is also looking for Villa to get back to winning ways.

‘There are still seven or eight games left and a lot still can happen. We want to at least finish on a high, get the fans in for the last four home games and show them what’s going to come next season. But we still have to look over our shoulder. It’s always nice to get past the points total where you feel you are safe for another season. Although we are clear at the moment, you need to get to the points total – and then stop worrying.’

Adding on the official site:

‘The killer instinct has been missing. If you look at the way we’ve played and the results we’ve picked up, they’ve not matched up the way they should have. We’ve not getting the points because we have not been scoring enough goals. Simple as that. We are in the results business and we need to get back to winning. It is all about results and scoring goals. The goals-for tally is probably not quite high enough. Maybe we are not being quite clinical enough. The chances have definitely been there. It’s all right having pressure but we haven’t been finishing things off.’

Maybe I should stay away again, we beat Everton 4-0 last year at Villa Park and I missed the game with illness!


25 Replies to “Villa To Become Killers?”

  • Its a game we absolutely have to win. No matter what we have to do, what we have to find, lets make damn sure we do and find it. By the time we kick off on Monday, we could have slipped into a somewhat precarious position following Saturday and Sundays results, and that situation was unthinkable after we’d beaten Everton at Goodison back in November.

  • and as for villa playing well without winning games….I must have been watching a different villa!!!

  • Games like Bolton we played well and lost Jonah, but the last 10 odd (?) really haven’t been good at all. Two goals, yeah, I know mate, I’m a mad and crazy fool! Hey, only takes a few decent set ups and I’m sure JC will score. I just hope we go with an attacking formation. I know MON says confidence is low and he works with the players, so he must know, but maybe a ‘sod it lads, just go out there and attack, enjoy it’ approach might help?! It’s only a game folks………!

  • weeman john, I might be open to bribes, how much to stay away!??!?! Seriously, although Everton are well above in the league, this game really is open, it is down to who wants it the most. Just hope it isn’t another boring draw to be fair, the Liverpool game was so dour.

  • Form point to a low scoring draw, or am I missing something? It’s fairly balanced this time with people predicting a loss too. I just wish wecould perform well for two halves!

  • wow 2 is the number a few ppl have said Everton would win 2-0 but am more for Villa winning 2-0

  • JF, I havent got much money, but you can have my eternal gratitude, if you could jinx, i mean turn up for your team. hahaha

  • Sorry to say this Fear, but it’s a triple curse, when was the last time Villa won a game that was televised on Sky, West Ham & Man City last season had me tearing my hair out!!! The pain, oh the pain! 🙁

  • On a plus point that I omitted previously, apparently Petrov played well for Bulgaria in midweek, so hopefully he’ll turn on the style for us on Monday night!

  • Lawrenson what a complete tool, I would rather he predicted Everton to win by a landslide, at least we may stand a chance of a result.

  • Hey Col, dont give a monkies what Lawro predicts as he is a paper hat. I have a good feeling about this. If teams below us dont pick up points we will play with a bit less fear than we have shown. If teams below us do well, then we have to win. 1-0 luke to get winner.UTV.

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