Date: 4th July 2009 at 8:57am
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The Daily Mail claimed late yesterday that Villa have been given permission to talk to 29-year-old Bayern Munich and Germany midfielder Tim Borowski.

Apparently… as linked the other day… Villa are looking at a £5million bid for the 6ft 4in attacking midfielder.

I’ll try and find out if there is any truth to this report at all and update later if I can get the info!

In the meantime, lets go wiki wiki again! Click Here

33 caps for Germany so he has plenty of experience, that is a good start!?

I embedded this the other day in one of the transfer rumour threads but hey, lets go for it again:


19 Replies to “Villa To Borow(ski) A Bayern Munich Midfielder?”

  • We just need bloody signings !! We miss out on Owen and Sturridge and im sure we could of had them both if MON just snapped them up and didn’t wait so long, now hw has waited the likes of Man utd and Chelsea hold these two gems………How many more class players are we going to miss out on, We need a good 5-6 players coming in and at the moment the transfer talk has gone dead for Villa, only this one German is being linked, and to be honest i’d rather we brought THE HAMMER back instead of this dude that i’ve never even heard of in my life.

  • Villa4Ever….Borowski would be a great addition, especially at price being touted (and his allround game is a lot better than HammerTime). As for Owen, i think he was always trying to get to a team that would almost guarantee him silverware, something he has been starved of over most of his career. So don’t feel to down, it could be worse….We could have bought Bramble!!!

  • This has got to be one of the most frustrating times at our football club its doing my head in all the questions that were being asked about owen and sir alex had no doubts simples…………..

  • “We miss out on Owen and Sturridge and im sure we could of had them both if MON just snapped them up”. I thiiiink you’re living in dreamland, V4E. Owen and Sturridge have had a good idea where they might be going for some time now, and given that they did, do you really think either of them would choose B6 over ManUre or Chelski? Maybe in a few more seasons, but not now. Not now.

  • After losing Barry and Laurson this season we need at least 6 or 7 new players or how are we not going to be in the same situation as last that losing run at the end of the season is worring me we were poor and couldnt do nout about it ill be very supprised if we get them numbers in .!

  • i have given up reading transfer stories about villa from nearly every source. its all a bunch of lies and speculation. I’m not even gonna think about transfer stuff until we actually sign someone, otherwise i think i will go even more mad.

  • borowski dosent seem all that to me mertasacker is suposed to be a good defender but dont know to much about him i imagine that we will still buy mainly british and maybe 1 European player when is the right time to get a bit worried though when we havent signed anyone for me i think if the next week passes and we dont hear anything from the club about deals then i might start to get anxious as im sure most would agree we need quality in numbers 6 players at least?

  • 6? At least 8 I’d say. We’ve lost our two best players and were in desperate need of numbers last season. If MON uses the ‘we’ve got a small squad’ excuse nest season I think I will explode!!! WE NEED BODIES.. I’m almost past caring who they are. This trnasfer window is driving me bonkers…

  • Come on MON, it really is about time. You’ve got my season ticket money, now use it! Not much point in making VP 50000 capacity when you ain’t gonna get 42k due to not having a team. Get a grip!!!!

  • As with every other transfer window under MON its no good stressing, we know its going to be a long window with the pre-season friendlies and Inter euro toto thingy well under way before we get anyone.

  • Well am in Germany with a German IP and googled this and didn’t find a single paper mention anything about this. I am afraid this is BS. Either the Germans are keeping very quiet, which I doubt or this is just rubbish from a paper low on gossip!

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