Date: 18th June 2009 at 9:47am
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James Nursery has an interesting article in The Mirror today.

The report is claiming Villa are going to do the Hokey-Cokey and use Nigel Hokey-Cokey as part of a swap deal for Spurs midfielder Tom Huddlestone.

This swap deal I can believe, NRC hasn’t really impressed that much since moving from West Ham for over £7million in 2007 and has fallen down the pecking order and even been used as a stand in right-back, a position I’ve heard he hates playing in.

The report goes on to suggest that Ashley Young still isn’t a happy bunny and is also thinking about his future following the departure of Villa captain Gareth Barry and repeats the link to Spurs with Harry Redknapp being prepared to use a combination of two players out of David Bentley, Jermaine Jenas or Huddlestone in part of the deal.

I don’t think there can be any thoughts of letting Young go but as said, I could believe that NRC might want a change and so a swap might be on the cards?

One source said in The Mirror Sport that the managers are ‘playing tennis, bouncing ideas off each other’.

Hmmm, wonder who’ll win that particular game then! Bent for Heskey 15 – love..! Salifou for Jermaine Jenas 30- love, Hokey Cokey for Huddlestone .. first service… oh you get the idea, why not play yourselves, it is all the rage!!!

Villa have however confirmed that no approaches have been made for Ashley Young, long may that situation continue, although interest from Chelsea is also being indicated.

Meanwhile, Steven Defour’s agent, Paul Stefani, has confirmed there have been on bids for the 21-year-old Belgian and Standard Liege midfielder despite press links to both Villa and Liverpool. agent has confirmed that there is yet to be any bids lodged for his charge. The agent told Neiuwsblad, probably the first publication I read each morning on waking to my caviar and boiled egg breakfast: ‘There has been a lot of interest, but Standard have yet to receive any official bids. Aston Villa and Liverpool are great clubs where Steven would certainly enjoy playing. Would Standard let him go? Everything depends on the offer. Manchester United said Cristiano would not be sold.’


30 Replies to “Villa To Do The Hokey-Cokey For Huddlestone?!”

  • Yes yes yes just what Spurs need the silky skills of NRC who would make that Zakora fella look like Maradona ! Please MON make my summer !

  • when he signed i had high hopes but as many say his passing in poor and he seems to run into trouble alot wound be sad to see him go if it was a swap for jenas still a shame though cos he has got potential but hasnt really improved over the last few years

  • have you lot been to VP last season. NRC might not be a maestro on the ball but he’s got more fire, passion and grit than the rest put together with the exception of Milner. We would have picked up more points in the second half of the season with NRC adding some spine in place of the feeble partnership of Barry and Petrov. NRC has always given 100% even when played out of position at RB and is the only natural leader at the club now we’ve lost the great dane.
    Huddlestone is c**p, overweight, lazy not good enough for any team in the top half of the prem and I wouldn’t want him in a villa shirt if spuds gave him away and he played for free.

  • Huddlestone has more ability in his left toe than Reo Coker has with either foot. Hes useless, never have i seen a player at the Villa who has such lack of skill, passing ablitity and intelligence – Gabby isnt far off. The guy isnt capable of making a 30yard cross field pass ffs, hes never done it in his career. I have more skill than NRC, ive played against loads of players more skilled than NRC, the guy is useless – and not exactly a Spurs type signing. Even there DMs should be able to have ability on the ball.

  • Have to agree with AVbornandbred. NRC attitude and effort, especially considering he has been played out of position eversince he came to Villa. He was a box to box attacking MF at West Spam. I don’t understand why he wasn’t given a chance to try that at Villa. Why did Sidwell get the chance to do what NRC has been waiting to do for years? Bring Jenas and Bentley from Spuds, but don’t let NRC go in the other direction. And I also agree about Huddlestone, sounds like a bigger, fatter and slower Routledge to me!

  • hahahah NRC for Huddlestone. no way hahahahhahahahhahahah. Do you guys have any idea how talented Hudd is? i would say that Jenas, Palacios, modric, Zokora, Huddlestone and may be even ohara are all better than NRC. so why would we be intrested in bringing in a average midfielder who is not good enough for villa?

  • Sign up Mickey_Villa – he seems to be the answer to our midfield problem – the guys played at the highest parks level there is. You’ve not been a fan for long then cos I’ve seen alot worse in the last 45 years or so.

  • we cant get rid of any more players or we’ll have the we’ve done well considering we’ve got one of the smallest squads in the league quotes from Jan onwards. NRC should be the legs for petrov and huddlestone should we sign him otherwise our midfield will be ten yards off the pace again all season.

  • would rather NRC than Huddlestone, not a massively strong feelign either way but I do think the Hokey Cokey comes in for some unfarily strong criticism. Then again, I’m not that sure some of the players get on wtih him, the reaction of Young a couple of times to missplaced passes have looked a little over the top so to speak. Who knows!? Who cares?!?

  • ok jokes aside guys – if u think NRC is that great than by all means we shud keep him. but my humble opinion is u can run all u want but if u cant put in decent passes and give away stupid fouls thorough silly tackles then u just not good enough. before u choose to berate me think of how many times he as given the ball away in the stupidiest positions where teams have then scored the resulting opportunities or freekicks against us. when he came on against Man U he was just crap. i wont make any excuses for him – he is just not good enough.

  • and no i am not referring to just one perfomance from him – i am talking about watch him play collectively ove rmany matches

  • Almost everyone on here is right BUT if we want to make it into the top 4 or even top 6 regularly then the lack of skill is the problem. You can have all the grit and determination in the world but if you can’t do the basics then there is a big problem. I would also like to agree with Mickey_Villa by saying that I have played with players 10 times better than Nige and think that 90 % of the population can pass better than him. He should be a marathon runner, not a footballer!!

  • Just read that Everton are interested in NRC – Moyes must be a c***p manager wanting NRC – according to some NRC’s total s***te as a player. Funny all these players that some have played against must be awesome and have been snapped up by some premiership/league team – no? Real madrid then – No? conference No? thought not. I don’t profess to be an expert at football (having also played Sunday league back in the 70’s/80’s) but you don’t all half talk a load of ******. when you spout of things like that.

  • Pablo1978, if you want to talk about NRC against ManU, what about when he played RB and had the world number one player, Ronaldo in his pocket? Everyone can have a bad game. I can only remember one howler from him, and that was away at NUFC, when he let someone past (think it was Femi-Martens) and they scored the winner. But otherwise, he had also some great matches!

  • again though Naz, do you not have opinions on players and managers? I know you, so know you do. Some don’t like NRC, that is their opinion, it is valid when they back it up with why they don’t like him. That is what football is all about.

  • Coker is the worst footballer in the Villa squad by a mile makes Saifou look like Steve G.
    I’d pay Spurs to take him , He’s a self promoting , nasty piece of work and the sooner he is back in London the better!

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