Date: 17th August 2007 at 4:12pm
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Martin O’Neill looks set to try to emulate the ‘buy British’ management style employed by former Villa boss John Gregory (now of Queens Park Rangers)

MON said, ‘I think we have a good sound base of homegrown players and something I would certainly like to add to in the future. That is not to say I have not been looking abroad to strengthen my squad.’

Adding ‘Sometimes I look around the Villa dressing room and see a talented bunch of players. They hang out together and they know each other. I cannot say it is an overriding thought in my head that we could be nurturing the future of England football at Villa but it would be great if they could make the club a big power and to make themselves even better players would be fantastic.’

Must admit, although it would be nice to have a British team flying the flag, I’d rather see the Villa team winning the league, regardless of nationality!!!


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  • I agree with your view JF. Reading between the lines it would seem therefore that Bosingwa is now off the radar, what a pity, he has a lot of flair.

  • Nah it doesnt mean we wont be getting him in, he also says in the same article that the gap in quality on these shores is sometimes to great to buyt from here

  • Buying British means spending cash (& inflated prices) – something MO’N hasn’t come to terms with (just yet)!

  • At least we haven’t got a chinese ladyboy in charge (Blouse)
    Expect Wing, Wong, Ching, Chong, Cheng, Ting and Tong and others to descend in the coming months and years. The man looks a joke.

  • Admirable thoughts from MON, but right now I’d settle for a Smethwick Egyptian if he was a capable right full back.

  • look to the current poll… Hoyte has 24% so far… he’s english… i think we should get both him and Bosingwa in… then Hoyte can start to pick up the foreign flair and there’s another future England International in the Villa ranks 😀 I like the idea of buying british, villa have always had a high percentage of english people in the ranks!

  • The British players are totally overpriced, £10m for Curtis Davies is a joke. Get your thumb out Martin and look a bit further then West Ham for some new players!

  • He wants to buy British yet won`t pay inflated prices ? The plan sort of contradicts itself,totally clueless and why is he arsed about only buying British,it`s just lazy management and it just isn`t important – you buy QUALITY.

  • Buying British can only get you so far nowadays, the full England squad would get torn apart by the top 4 teams. Doesnt make snese to me? 60% British 40% Foreign is a good ratio to have in the squad.

  • Carew, Melberg, Petrov, Berger, Sorenson (for now), Bouma, Laursen? Don’t think his comments can be taken literally – he has never just bought British in the past. He has also sold mainly British this Summer!

  • I though Bouma was shocking last week, and he even had the cheek to moan and swear when he was substituted. That made me laugh quite loud – he was not a happy man at all. I thought for a minute he was going to attack MON. Anyone else see this?

  • KSarge – he was proper peeved eh? good to see that fighting spirit though, rather that than a Ghaly show your shirt situation like Spuds. p.s. there’s two ‘n’s in Britannia. LOL. We want Hoyte, we want Hoyte, we want Hoyte…..

  • JP, when are you placing pictures above, the shadowy collarge is okay but I’d rather see our heroes.

  • think we are going to stick with the banners as they are for now koolbill. The images we buy are meant to be used mainly for editorial, cropping them for banners has caused us all sorts of problems across the network when some clubs get in contact and moan about certain images being used – some even threaten legal action. Also, the banners go out of date quickly as players/managers leave. Might review it in six months but for now the images will just be the editorial ones in articles.

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