Date: 18th December 2006 at 12:16pm
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Villa boss Martin O’Neill is looking ahead to the January transfer window and has admitted he is looking to add strength to ‘a number of positions.’

‘We’re hoping to strengthen because we just don’t have the squad to deal with the demands of the second half of the season. Us being ruled out of certain players are just newspaper stories. I have not made a formal offer for anyone to be perfectly honest. I honestly don’t know how much money I’ve got, but we’re going to try to strengthen the squad. ‘

‘I want to strengthen a number of positions if we can. If it’s possible, then we’ll try to do it. It might not be possible, but if it’s not then it will not be through lack of trying.’

Reports of links are building, the weekend press, I think it was the People, say we are going in for Tottenham’s striker Robbie Keane although Spurs have ruled out another link saying that there is no price on Jermain Defoe’s head because he isn’t for sale.

Steve Bruce has thankfully dismissed links to Small Heath defender Matthew Upson. Bruce said: ‘I only spoke to Martin O’Neill a couple of weeks ago and he never mentioned Upson to me. Where that has come from, I don’t know. That is just a nonsense of a story and it is not definite that Upson will move at all in January. Why would we want to sell arguably our best player when we were top of the league? Of course, I have to protect our investment. Unless it is an ridiculous offer, and every player has got his price, nothing is happening.’

Two new links are West Brom skipper Curtis Davies, also linked to Spurs and Wigan plus Manchester United defender Phil Bardsley who I have to admit, I know nothing about.


22 Replies to “Villa To Strengthen + 2 No Go’s”

  • Keane would be a good signing and I think Spurs would welcome Randy’s cash. Beattie might be another option. He’s not cutting it at Everton and is a strong centre forward in the Sutton mould. I preferred Beattie over Baros first time round when He-who-shall-remain-nameless tried to sign him last season.

  • Have to admit I’d still be pleased with Beattie despite his poor form for Everton. U dont become a bad player over night.

  • from one baldy to another, didn’t your mother ever teach you it was nice to share? Defoe would be a great Christmas present!!

  • Apparrently O Neil is mad for Robbie Keane and is dead set on getting him, hopefully we do because he is quality

  • I know for a fact – that craig bellamy is o neils top target. But he is getting a run in the liverpool side now – so might not be as keen to come

  • Taking into account MON might be talking down the amount of cash available because the price will go up, I’m concerned that MON is usually quite honest. He’s said he doesn’t know how much cash he has and he’s made no approaches yet for players. Why not? It’s 2 weeks away and we have to declare our interest in targets before they get wined and dined by somebody else.

  • Be ready to see little activity. Talking to someone who has left a premiership club recently who reckons that due to the new TV deal next year, prices of players this January will be astronomical – meaning few deals or silly prices. MoN won’t pay silly prices.

  • I love it when people seem to think they know what is going to happen in January, with this contact or another. At the end of the day, the only people that really know what is going on, is Randy and MON. Lets just leave them to get on with it. I fully trust them both.

  • Well said DixonTheVillain. January will be here soon enough, and no sooner will it be through than the grapevine will be a’ buzzing and a’ hopping with talk of who we’ll be after come seasons end. Its a never ending topic of interest to supporters of each and every club, and MON is no different to managers of any club out there. They all know full well who they’ll be after, but they’ll give nothing away until they make their move.

  • steve64k crap showing on the weekend? dont know what match u were watching but i think villa were superb against bolton,played some great football throughout the match and a 4-0 scoreline to villa wouldve been about the right result of the match if their keeper had not been so brilliant and the ref didnt blatantly cheat villa out of at least 2 pens.villa completely dominated against bolton who worth thinking about have beaten arsenal and liverpool this season already and are usually a match 4 any side with their bully boy tactics which are as disgraceful as what u just said. talk about being so negative towards villa,i seriously dont understand what people are thinking or watching sometimes.

  • dont know about you guys but i love all the gossip saying we are going to get all these great players . it just wouldnt have happened under the old regime

  • Don’t be daft Atkinson Villa, my sister’s boyfriend’s dad’s uncle’s boss knows someone who once knew Laporta at Barca, and it’s going to be Messi and Eto’o in January, with Deco to follow in the summer

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