Date: 4th May 2006 at 12:17pm
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Another mystifying chapter in the history of Aston Villa as the official site announce that David O’Leary could start some transfer activity next week.


This activity will be outwards as Mathieu Berson, who was chased for six months and lauded as the second coming, only to be consigned to the reserves then shipped out on loan, will complete a permanent move to Auxerre.

O’Leary said: ‘Ian Broomfield was in France yesterday and there could be movement with that next week. Auxerre are keen to put a package together for the club.’

Would be nice for him to apologise to the player for treating him as he did and to the fans for bringing him here and then not using him.


7 Replies to “Villa Transfer Activity Starts”

  • I see our chief scout is now sent out to sell players rather than look for new talent 😉

  • he could have a good world cup for the french squad , we should keep him until after it incase his value goes up, who the hell is in charge!!!???

  • Why the hell are head scouts needed to sell players? Is it that hard for the club to communicate directly to Ellis + DOL

  • Absolutely right son_of_cher. With our luck it might backfire and he picks up a Laursenesque injury prior to us selling him.And why a scout is involved in selling a player is beyond me unless they have said look you are the one who recommended him in the

  • Why doesn’t DO’L give him another chance?! He’s obviously proven he’s a good player this season in France!

  • I agree with Tierney after having such a good season it would be stupid to let him go and isnt the whole point of loaning out players to let them inprove then bring them back when they do

  • I guess Ian Broomfield is involved now in the selling of players, to no doubt somehow help justify his inflated salary. After all, whats the point of him jetting around Europe or driving the length and breadth of the U.K., knowing full well that its a fut

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